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Give Your Business a Boost with Environmental Graphics

If you want to bring life into your business space, environmental graphics are the way to go. Can you imagine walking into a grocery store that has no signs or labels, or a hotel with no room numbers? It would be crazy confusing. Thankfully, environmental graphic design exists to keep that from happening.

What is Environmental Graphic Design?

Environmental graphic design is a mix of disciplines such as interior, graphic, landscape, and architectural design, working together to enhance the user experience through visual ideas in a built environment. EGD helps create experiences that allow people to connect with a place through wayfinding and other visible ways of communicating information and identity.

The main goal of environmental graphic design is to give purpose to a given space through branding, using images, identities, and places to create a great experience. It can be used in all industries: healthcare, education, commercial, retail, industrial, residential, etc.

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Boost your business branding using environmental graphic design on your wayfinding signs.

Wayfinding or Navigational Signage

Wayfinding signage is a type of environmental graphic. Navigational signage may seem more familiar since it indicates the location or gives directions, commonly found inside or outside buildings and out in public. It makes it easy for people to see what they’re looking for —bathrooms, offices, stairs, elevators, parking lots, etc. They can be super simple or incredibly creative thanks to environmental graphic design.

Share Company Story and Values

Communicating your company’s story and values is essential to develop a healthy company culture and keep employees engaged. However, this can be a complicated message to get across sometimes, as it can easily get lost in the noise of everyday tasks.

Creating graphics that contribute to your company’s branding while displaying your core values and story is how EGD can benefit your business. You could cover a wall at the entrance with your mission statement or put your core values on different windows of your business with attractive designs.

Boost Productivity and Positivity

An aesthetically pleasing environment can increase productivity, creativity, motivation, and improve your mood. Visuals can help stimulate the brain through vibrant colors and unique designs.

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