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What You Need to Know About Designing Effective Business Signage

You might have heard a saying that goes something like, “A business with no sign is a sign of no business.” Although it is true, sometimes having a bad sign can be just as bad as having no sign at all.

If you’re through the process of getting a sign for your business, you might as well make it worth your while. Design is one of the most critical elements of effective exterior or interior signage. A professional sign company near you, like Husky Creative, can help you design a quality sign that is also effective in promoting your business.

Here are some tips to help you create signs that will grab people’s attention:

img 0859 1024x768 - Vital Tips to Succeed in Creating Your Business SignageEnsure Legibility

When you put up a sign, you must be sure that it is legible. You want people to be able to read it and understand it from a distance. Especially since you only have about ten seconds to catch people’s attention.

Creating contras is essential for legibility. Color is one of the main elements used to create contrast. Your background and font color should be paired in a way that the text can stand out and still be easy to read. Combining a light neutral color and a more intense dark color is likely to yield good results that are appealing to the eye. Combinations like black on yellow, black on white, yellow on black, green on white, and white on blue are the five most legible used for retail signs, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Pairing colors that are similar for both text and background is one of the most common sign design mistakes that you need to avoid, as it will make it harder for people to read.

Incorporate the Right Shapes

Shapes are also a great way to create contrast, geometric and organic shapes, specifically. If you want something specific to stand out, place that information in a non-uniform shape that creates contrast with the rest of your design. This will make the eye go straight to that piece of relevant information.

Choose Your Font Carefully

Fonts in sign design have two jobs: command attention and make your sign easy to read. Your fonts should be consistent across your marketing materials and overall branding. Clean and bold fonts are preferred. Stay away from highly decorated fonts, which can decrease your sign’s legibility. You can combine fonts, but it’s best to stick to only two. Too many different types of fonts in one sign can be very distracting.

Place It Wisely

Location, location, location. Even when it comes to signage, this matters a great deal. Choosing the right spot to place your sign is critical. An attractive, well-designed sign that has everything it needs to be effective could lose all its potential if it ends up in the wrong place. Make sure you pick a spot that will help highlight your sign, not confuse people or limit its exposure.

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