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Vehicle Wraps Can Give Your Business a Boost

Part of the struggles of having a small business is finding effective ways to promote it and help it grow. There are so many marketing options available, but not all of them are well-suited to your needs. Vehicle wraps are a great way to advertise your business stylishly and creatively, which will catch the eye of your target audience and put your name out there.

What Is a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a type of adhesive vinyl wrap most frequently used on commercial vehicles for branding and advertising purposes. Vehicle wraps can fully or partially cover your vehicle, depending on your wants and needs.

How Does It Work?

Wrap Selection & Design

The process starts with defining the type of wrap you’re interested in, whether it is a full wrap, a partial wrap, spot graphics, a simple color change, or fleet or trailer wraps. Then we move on to creative design. At this point, you get to come up with an idea of how you want your vinyl wrap to look, define text, colors, images, etc. The whole design can be your own, or you can get some help from our exceptional team of designers.

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Once we produce and trim the vinyl wrap according to your vehicle’s proportions, it is ready to be applied onto your car. First, your vehicle’s paint must be in good condition. Any paint peeling or a bumpy, scratched surface will not allow the wrapping to work. Before applying the vinyl, the exterior of your vehicle needs to be washed thoroughly and decontaminated for the wrap to adhere correctly. Then it is stuck down onto your paintwork, making sure there are no air bubbles trapped under the vinyl cover. The adhesive is activated with a heat gun to help the vinyl stick on properly. That will also help smooth out the wrap around the contours of your vehicle. This process is usually rather quick compared to a full paint job, taking anywhere from 1 to 3 days.


Painting your vehicle is a more permanent choice. You can eventually repaint it if you get bored with the results, but it will be a costly change. One of the great things about vehicle wraps is that they are as easy to remove as they are to apply. While the vehicle wrap is on your car, it will protect the paint. Removing it is simple, and it won’t damage your paintwork.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

The ease of application and removal is not all that vehicle wraps have going for them. Many other benefits make them a more attractive option than painting your vehicle.


Vehicle wraps can be anything you want them to be. Not only can you customize the size of your wrap to fit your needs —full, partial, spot graphics, etc.— but you can also make it look any way you want it to look. The design comes down to how creative you want to get. You can also bring in some ideas, and our team of designers will help you develop them until you find something you love. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll make your vision come to life.

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Most advertising methods are costly. An ad on radio or TV runs for some seconds and can be a significant investment. Also, this type of advertising is not going to run continuously. If you invest in a newspaper ad, you know the cost covers a one-time appearance. Vehicle wraps, on the other hand, are very accessible and are continually working on getting you more exposure. As long as your company vehicle is out circulating, you are always promoting your business without any additional fees involved.

Vehicle wraps are also a cost-effective alternative compared to painting your vehicle. You may find a lower price for a low-quality paint job, but for higher quality, the cost will significantly increase. You can wrap your vehicle in a solid color, or use a specific design to make it look like new, while you protect your paint job.


Compared to a paint job, depending on its quality, a wrap will likely last much longer. A vehicle wrap may last about 5 to 7 years, on average.

Easy Maintenance

Of course, the durability of a vehicle wrap is directly affected by how much you care for it. You may extend the life of your car wrap with proper care, and keep it looking shiny and new for longer:

  • Wash it often: The best option is to hand wash it to keep your car clean. Gently washing it with a sponge or cloth and a mild soap will do the trick.
  • Dry it with care: Steer clear of high-powered dryers, as they can cause the edges of your vinyl wrap to lift. A microfiber cloth will make the job easy, or you could just let it air dry.
  • Get rid of contaminants quickly: Clean things like bug splatter, bird droppings, or tree sap as soon as possible. A soft cloth and some soapy water will help you clean that up without affecting your vehicle wrap.
  • Be careful with car washes: Brush car washes are a definite no, as they can be harsh on your vehicle wraps and cause scratches and other damage. If you must take it to the car wash, go for a touchless or waterless option.
  • Don’t use wax: Particularly for wraps with a matte finish, it is best not to use wax, as it may leave bright patches or smear marks that can damage the look of your vehicle wrap.
  • Keep your car indoors, as much as possible: Leaving your vehicle outdoors is ok, as long as it’s not for really long periods. Excessive exposure to debris, rain, sun, smog, can cause the colors of your wrap to fade or change.

A wrap-less vehicle requires a lot more maintenance than a wrapped one. In this case, no extensive car washes, and no waxing will be needed. You just need to make sure your wrap is clean, but that can be done with soap and water, as mentioned above. So, you get to save some time that you can use on something else.

Protective Action

A vehicle wrap acts as a protective barrier against stone chips, rocks, and other road debris, as well as swirl marks from waxing and light scratches. It also protects your vehicle’s paint from UV rays and other weather factors like rain, which can lead to rust formation, paint oxidation, and color fade. Any slight damage caused to the vinyl wrap is no longer, once you remove the wrap. Then you’ll see your vehicle’s paint looking as good as new.

Great Marketing Strategy

A unique wrap that represents your brand is a beautiful way of promoting your business. It is especially true for local companies. Just take your wrapped vehicle around town, and you will generate brand awareness with every mile you drive. A covered vehicle with a one-of-a-kind design is tough to ignore.

subaru fleet 1 1024x768 - Boost the Success of Your Business - Wrap Your Vehicles In Style With CreativityVehicle Wraps: A Smart Marketing Move

In the marketing world, first impressions are everything. Vehicle wraps can help you memorably spread your business’s message. You no longer need your ad to run on TV or radio and hope someone will watch it. Vehicle wraps offer a non-invasive method of advertising your business since they will organically drive your audience’s attention to them. Thanks to their unique and attractive design, they will present your audience with something they are interested in seeing.

Drivers won’t be able to ignore a well-designed vehicle wrap with bright colors and graphics. Vehicle wraps demand attention, even if just for a moment. After all, a moment is all you need for people to notice your business.

Vehicle wraps allow you to reach a broader audience. One wrapped vehicle can have a significant impact on the road. The more that car is out there, the more significant the effect. Now, imagine what could happen if you had a fleet out there wrapped in stylish and creative designs that represent your brand. Businesses can get more customers from implementing this strategy than from a print or TV ad.

There is no need to invest in expensive billboards. You can efficiently use your money by investing in high-quality vehicle wraps that can be out there, spreading your message in the long term. Your initial investment will be just a fraction of what it would cost you to launch other types of long-term advertising campaigns. Plus, you can also change them as often as you want for less money than investing in another billboard.

Our high quality, custom-made vehicle wraps will fit all types of vehicles, and are a perfect way to accentuate your brand, separate yourself from the competition and bring in more business. Effective marketing accomplished creatively.

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