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Let’s talk office branding. Incorporating branding elements into office décor reinforces your company culture and unify your team. Similarly, office branding elements effectively shape the customer experience and communicate your values and brand story. The stars of office branding are the multidimensional logo signs.

Effective office branding

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Office branding, like wall murals and signs, enforce the experience and the ambiance you want to create.

The most recognizable and memorable signs are multidimensional. However, all signs and graphics should be multifunctional. They should strengthen your brand identity, create an office environment in line with your industry, and provide essential directions and information to clients and employees. 

Office branding is about creating an experience and telling a story.

Multidimensional logo signs

The focal point of your office, from the moment you enter, should be your logo. Your brand identity is tied to your logo. Customers will recognize and know they are in the right place, and it is what your team will identify with as they come to work. Your main brand signifier is the central element from which all other branding elements evolve. 

Reinforcing multidimensional logo signs 

While your logo sign is the star, branding is not a solo performance. Wall graphics and accents can reinforce your brand identity and strengthen the impact of all your signs, including directional and room-identifying signs. All of your signs and graphics should work together to create an office environment in line with your brand identity. 

Types of office branding

We work with clients from design to installation to make your brand come to life, finding brand details, like colors, patterns, and imagery that we can expand upon to tell your story. Office branding elements to consider are:

  • Logo signs
  • Directional signs / ADA signs
  • Wall murals and graphics
  • Window graphics and privacy film

Custom office branding, signs, and graphics solutions

Tell us your brand story, and we’ll find the right sign and graphic solutions for your office environment. Contact us today for a quote!

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