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As the business landscape continues to get more competitive, companies are increasingly looking for new ways to set themselves apart from the competition. Vehicle wraps, social media campaigns, and innovative promotions all do their part to elevate branding. An increasingly popular element to incorporate and truly set your business apart is the practice of architectural branding

What is Architectural Branding?

commercial builder monument resized 300x225 - Why Architectural Branding Strengthens Your Signage

Display your business’s architectural branding with a beautifully designed monument sign.

Essentially, this type of design technique involves incorporating architectural elements into your company’s branding material. It means that your signs are always customized to flow and harmonize with your commercial structure and interior landscape surroundings. By matching building materials, surface textures, and color schemes, you can effectively turn your signs into an extension of your building. 

Exterior monument signs and interior dimensional logo signs are great examples of enhanced architectural branding elements. Wall and window graphics are especially effective. However, we can customize any style of signage and branding to perfectly capture your brand and fit the surroundings.

Why Architectural Signs Are More Powerful and Effective

Most people envision large enterprise headquarters or government institutions when they think of architectural branding. These signs fit in perfectly with the luxurious, powerful aesthetic of a large institutional campus. But other businesses can also take advantage of this credibility-inducing style of branding. 

When you invest in permanent signage, you’re signaling to consumers that your business is rooted in the surrounding area. This inspires confidence and trust that your operations will provide quality products or services for years and years to come!

Interested in leveling up your promotions with some architectural branding? Reach out to the sign experts at Husky Creative. Start on a complete signage strategy, including expertly crafted monument and dimensional signs.

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