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There are many challenges to creating custom signs for Colorado business owners. As a custom sign and graphics company, we look for high-quality solutions to meet the growing demands of our clients. Fortunately, we’ve found a way to combine creativity, customization, durability, precision, speed, and efficiency with custom carved multi-dimensional HDU signs.  

Multidimensional HDU Signs

custom painting on hdu 1 - Custom Carved Exterior Multidimensional HDU Signs

Custom painting on HDU sign!

First things first, what is an HDU sign?

An HDU sign is made out of high-density urethane (HDU), a piece of material of various sizes and thicknesses. From one piece of durable HDU, our CNC router custom carves any design, creating a custom carved multi-dimensional HDU sign with speed and precision. 

We can even create a one-sided or double-sided sign from one piece of high-density urethane.

Your company name and logo will appear to be raised onto a piece of material, complete with a border to frame your signs. Once the design is carved into the material, we add custom colors and decorative finishing touches. The final result is a beautiful, custom sign with personality and flair. 

We finish the sign by hand, adding paint and finish before it is baked on for quality and durability.

Visual characteristics of HDU signs

The most classic visual effect is a carved, wooden texture. However, HDU doesn’t have the same temperamental traits as real wood. An HDU sign won’t warp, crack, or bend when the cold Colorado winter sets in, and the colors aren’t affected by UV rays in the summer, or the winter, for that matter. 

HDU signs have more to offer than a rustic and textured aesthetic. The materials lend themselves beautifully to clients seeking a sleek and modern look to represent their brand.

The design, paint, and finish will give the sign the exact appearance and specifications to bring your vision to life. 

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