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Have you ever wished you had a way to advertise your business everywhere you go? Something beyond handing out business cards and wearing a t-shirt with your slogan? We’ve got just the thing. Reflective vinyl vehicle wraps are the moving billboard you’ve been looking for.

Get That Glow

The beauty of reflective wraps is that they work both during the day and at night. In the day, your design will stand out with its colors and design. After the sun goes down, when the light hits the design, it will reflect and give the look of glowing.

Stand Out at Events

If you bring company vehicles to evening and nighttime events, a reflective vinyl vehicle wrap is the perfect advertising solution. Stand out from the competition by keeping your logo in clear sight no matter what time it might be. This is ideal for businesses like food trucks. Set up at nighttime events and pull customers in with a glowing ad on the side of your truck.

blog photo - Reflective Vinyl Vehicle Wraps That Will Pop

Or Go Undercover

You might not want your vehicle to be a loud advertisement for your company at all times. That’s OK too. With reflective vinyl wraps, you can be a little less conspicuous during the day by choosing a white design to go over your white vehicle. Nothing to see during the day, but just wait for night. Your letters will glow and become an instant promotion for your business.

Practical for the Best Purposes

While vinyl vehicle wraps are fun for many businesses, they can also serve an important purpose. Emergency vehicles can use reflective vinyl wraps to gain attention when they need it. If there’s an emergency, it’s important that these vehicles are easy to spot. Reflective wraps get the job done.

Design Choices Are Up to You

As always, your wrap design is up to you. Get as creative as you’d like with your logo, colors, and design. Your wrap can serve to build your brand by using your company colors and slogan while standing out from the crowd by looking crisp and having the unique feature of glowing at night.

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