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Personal means of transportation have become an extension of the human body. We all drastically depend on individual vehicles, and of course, on public transit. Cars, bikes, buses, trains, airplanes, motorcycles, boats and any means of transportation, have made our lives easier, giving us mobile independence and the possibility to reach long distances faster.

Thanks to personal transportation, people can stay in touch with relatives who live far away, and businesses can reach more customers, provide more products, services, and connect with potential partners. Thanks to personal transportation, the planet has become smaller. As the world turns, we all become more familiar, attached, and reliant on our vehicles. So it is common that we not only try to keep them in great shape to extend the lifespan, but we also add a little style and personal touch, so it resembles better who we are, or in the case of businesses what they stand for.

As the automotive industry evolves, higher technology, more efficient methods, and better ways to keep your car safe, looking great, and unique, become available. One of the most popular and affordable techniques to achieve all these at the same time is by installing a specialty wrap. Specialty wraps are long-lasting, optimal quality, cutting-edge car wraps, perfect for enhancing and protecting virtually any vehicle regardless of its shape, brand, or model. Specialty wraps can be installed anywhere, providing uniqueness, creativity, style, and beauty.

For business purposes, specialty vehicle wraps are by far, one of the best ways to boost your branding strategies, while receiving a high return on investment as you continuously reach a broad target audience, all day long. Today, we are going to make an in-depth analysis of car specialty wraps, their benefits, and why they have become one of the most popular and reliable ways to enhance a vehicle, protect it, and boost your business incomes.

More than just a simple car wrap

It is hard to state when the concept of car wraps and mobile advertising was first used. It seems that there are several opinions and theories about the subject. Some state that vehicle graphics were used back in the late 19th century. Just like it happens today, businesses took advantage of the space provided by horse carts and rail cars to paint their services and products. By the 1880s, you were able to see popular brands painted on locomotives. In the year 1900, it is stated that Milton Hershey used his Lancaster to promote his brand Hershey Cocoa, followed by other business owners who developed better and more creative designs.

Branded or personal graphic designed cars became extremely popular in the car racing industry. Ever since we can always see the car number and driver’s name printed on the race car, but businesses and sponsors also found and took advantage of the great way to advertise their products and services. A few decades later, around the 1950s the vinyl chloride material made its entrance on the scene, revolutionizing the industry completely.

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Enhance your ride with custom made specialty wrap designs.

Of course, just like any new invention, in the beginning, auto adhesive vinyl wraps were extremely expensive and only used by big-name companies or institutions, for instance, the U.S. Air Force. In 1993, the German vinyl manufacturer Kay Premium Marking Films, created an auto-adhesive film that was meant to replace the traditional paint job, so regular cars could be used as taxis, by complying with the governments mandated official beige color.

Thanks to their invention, companies were able to bring large fleets of vehicles without having to change their original color, keeping their resale value. To boost their acceptance, popularity, and consequently their sales, the company successfully removed the film from a car, three years after it was installed, showing a flawlessly preserved bodywork.

Today, color change vinyl wraps evolved to what we understand as specialty wraps, providing a wide range of materials, options, and combinations with over a hundred incredible colors and textures to choose from, including gloss, satin or matte finishes, carbon fiber, brushed metals, just to mention some of the most popular available.

Car owners can go for a full-color change wrap or aim at an intricate and creative graphic design with advanced colors. Maybe, you only want to change your hood or roof alone, stripping or adding accents. With today’s high-end, top quality specialty wraps, your imagination is the limit.

Car protection and wrap maintenance

Car specialty wraps provide a wide range of benefits either for commercial purposes, as well as for personal objectives. One of the reasons why car wraps are so popular among Colorado car owners is because they provide a protective layer against dirt, grime, scratches, and weather elements.

Specialty wraps properly installed on your car can also protect its original paint and bodywork from bird droppings and other animal habits, scratches, harsh cleaners, gasoline, sunlight, among many other potential accidents and hazards that can damage your car’s bodywork and its appearance.

All of these elements and scenarios can damage the original paint, which is one of the most valuable components of your car. The original paint job is not only a significant indicator of proper car maintenance, keeping it nice and shiny, but it is also designed to protect your car bodywork and metal parts. Also, the original paint is highly appreciated by car retailers and dealers. When they approach a resale transaction, they are experts finding, reading, and pointing out any little dent or damage found on the car. And you can bet that they will effectively bargain for it.

Keeping your specialty wrap looking great

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Specialty wraps provide the chance of changing your car’s color in an affordable way.

The protective layer that a specialty wrap provides to your car can quickly boost the lifespan while keeping its resale value. However, just like the original paint wears out, weather conditions, dirt, grime chemicals, and many more harmful and toxic elements, can damage the car’s vinyl wrap, as well.

Just like any car in general, proper maintenance is a rule of thumb to keep a beautiful, long-lasting, glossy and shiny, colorful wrap. However, it doesn’t mean that it is hard work; car wraps are pretty easy to wash. Regular and proper maintenance should do the job of keeping it looking great.

Try to keep your car clean and remove any spills, dirt, grease, or bird droppings as soon as possible. Letting any mess collected sit for too long will make it harder to clean. The longer it sits on the vinyl wrap, the more significant are the chances that its colors will fade or get damaged.

Washing your specialty wrap

Even though it is easier to wash a specialty wrap than the original paint, the method, technique, or procedure is pretty much the same. Clean any spills or dirt from your car wrap as soon as possible. To clean bird droppings use warm soapy water to loosen the crappy mess. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a microfiber cloth. Gas or fuel spills on your wrap can be removed by wiping them off with a towel or paper towel.

It is essential to avoid using automatic car washes like high-pressure water sprayers. At Husky Creative, we always recommend hand washing your car wrap at least once per week with mild detergent and clean water. You can use a soft microfiber sponge or cloth. Dry with a clean microfiber cloth, afterward.

If you insist on pressure washing your specialty wrap, try to keep the pressure below 2 thousand psi (pound-force per square inch). Use a nozzle spray with a 40-degree wide angle pattern. Keep it approximately 12 inches away from the car edges and keep the water temperature below 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, avoid using engine degreaser, oven cleaner, oil-based solvents, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, orange oil, or similar products. Avoid using traditional wax/polish products. If you wish to wax your car wrap, look for particular products or ones without petroleum distillates.

husky signs motorsports e1508773914568 - Wrap your vehicle uniquely, securely, and stylishly for success!Driving to success

In the business world, first impressions are critical. Regardless of whether you are a vast enterprise or an independent professional, you want to provide a secure, stable, and reliable professional impression. Even if it sounds shallow, the type of vehicle you drive can profoundly influence the way customers or potential partners perceive you. It doesn’t mean you need to drive a brand new BMW to succeed, but let’s face it. It is not the same arriving to a business meeting or commercial trade in a dented, faded, and scratched car, as it is in a shiny glossy looking vehicle. Even better, how about arriving at a tradeshow driving a business branded car.

Specialty wraps have become advertisers favorite outdoor signage and branding strategy. There is no better way to spread the message, establish your brand, and boost your business income than wrapping your business vehicle fleet. They provide a mobile billboard to convey your brand’s products and services.

Thanks to the latest technology, cutting-edge specialty wraps can be transformed into virtually any concept, brand, color combination, or custom design you can picture in your head, providing an endless range of advertising possibilities. However, just a striking design is not enough to boost your business income. Your brand, business services, products, and the message should be displayed to your target audience as much as possible.

Specialty wraps effective frequency

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Establish your brand and boost your business incomes.

Even though specialty wraps are amazingly eye-catching and extremely memorable, just like any other advertising strategy, it needs to be frequently displayed to potential customers. Advertisers affirm that for potential customers to know, feel identified, and finally decide to buy a particular product, service, or brand; they need to be exposed to the target audience, several times.

Advertisers use the concept of effective frequency to describe the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made and before the exposure is considered wasteful. It is stated that consumers not only remember a statement that gets repeated, but they are also more likely to believe it and think it is the popular opinion.

Several studies show that repeated exposure to an opinion makes people believe the view is more prevalent. Repeated statements are perceived as more truthful even if the source of that opinion is only a single person. Advertisers believe that frequency breeds familiarity and familiarity breeds trust.

Colorado’s nasty traffic exponentially boosts the effective frequency that specialty wraps provide. Think about it. What can be considered as a driver’s rush hour nightmare, could be the success factor you were waiting for.

Specialty wraps can transform nasty traffic into big bucks!

There is not a single Colorado driver that doesn’t feel that traffic is getting slower every day. Research shows that every driver, on average, loses $1,200 per year due to traffic congestion. According to INRIX, an organization focused on urban mobility, Metro Denver ranks 21st out of 240 U.S. cities for the number of times drivers spend stuck in heavy traffic, with an average of 83 hours, costing them about $1,152. It is followed by CO. Springs, with an average of 50 hours and a cost of congestion per driver of $696.

Nevertheless, instead of discouraging you from installing a specialty wrap, they should motivate you, as these could be easily translated into sweet money. It is stated that for every mile you drive, you will pass at least 500 vehicles and thousands of pedestrians as well. That is why specialty wraps are such a powerful advertising and marketing tool.

When designed, and installed correctly, specialty wraps can provide a wide range of commercial benefits, for instance:

  • Exposure to a Wide Audience

Thanks to vehicle mobility, you can reach not only your target audience, but also all demographics indiscriminately, raising your possibilities of catching new potential customers.

  • Memorable and Eye-Catching

Specialty wraps are incredibly flexible and can be customized in virtually any way. Amazing designs, attractive bright colors, and accurate messages, consistently displayed all around, can naturally stay focused in peoples subconscious.

  • Cost Effective

Nothing compares to the amount of ROI or return on investment provided by specialty wraps when compared to any other outdoor advertising method. Specialty wraps can be easily removed. So, as your marketing campaign is over, you can change it and start with a new and fresh campaign.

  • Non-Stop

Finally, unlike any other advertising campaign, you pay for a specialty wrap only once, and you get back a 24/7, non-stop, accurate, eye-catching, highly effective marketing campaign.
Specialty wraps are by far, one of the best ways for small and big-name businesses to boost their income and success. It is a sure bet when it comes to selecting your best marketing alternative.

Contact Husky Creative today and find information about our amazing full wrap, partial wrap, spot graphics, color changes, and many more specialty wrap options for your particular project.

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