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Things like McDonald’s golden arches or the Target bullseye are something that many business owners would give anything to have: a concrete visual item that instantly conjures an association with that business, even across language barriers. For small businesses in Boulder, having signage or a logo that is recognizable is every bit as important, but how are you supposed to reach that point?

blog 1 image2 300x225 - Building Visual Designs For Your Branding NeedsWhat Is Visual Branding?

A lot of people will assume that a vehicle vinyl wrap they see on the road or a sign hanging in the waiting room at an office are visual branding, but this is a half-truth. In reality, those are the end result of visual branding, which is really more of a process than an actual physical item.

Hopefully, you’ve already given some thought to branding as a small business owner. If you’re not sure, it’s pretty simple. Think of a set of traits or characteristics you would like to have customers associate with your business. This can vary based on what you do and the clientele you serve. That’s your branding. What visual branding does is put this concept into a physical piece of design work, so others can understand that these are traits that your business offers.

There are a lot of different cues, from shape to color to size, that will communicate certain traits, and it may not seem intuitive at first. This is why it’s so important to make sure you have people working with you who understand what traits translate into what visual concepts.

Getting Visual Branding Help

It’s important to understand that when it comes to visual branding in Colorado, when you commit to creating a piece of signage or a logo, it’s going to be something that’s instantly part of your first impression to any customers or clients. As a result, having something unappealing or confusing can actually repel customers rather than interest them. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, be sure to enlist the professionals of Husky Creative. We have extensive experience in creating visual branding that not only gets results, but will also keep with your original vision.

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