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final 300x200 - Where Latex Printing Stands Above

When it comes to putting together a marketing campaign, there are a lot of different things that you consider, like how much it will cost you or whether or not it will be effective. However, using latex printing for signs and designs helps you both with these and factors you may not even be thinking about.

The Benefits of Latex Printing

For latex printing designs, let’s start the conversation with the practical benefits. Compared to the primary alternatives, solvent inks, latex printing jobs are instantly dry. This could lead to potential financial savings, such as the lack of need to laminate the prints you do make. As a note, they can last years unlaminated if you choose to go that route. Another added, but minor, benefit is that you don’t have the distinct smell of solvent inks with your latex prints. Altogether, choosing this type means that you have something that is overall ready to go quicker than the other options.

Perhaps the biggest thing driving people to latex printing, though, is the environmental benefits. A lot of older solvent inks were made with certain chemicals that raised concerns about potential harm to people as well as the environment. While solvents are trying to move forward, going with latex printing takes these concerns off the table. The results are prints that you can be comfortable using in potential sensitive environments like food prep or healthcare facilities. Another benefit is that materials printed using latex ink are easier to recycle.

Being environmentally-friendly these days is also a matter of good business. Consumers these days are looking to work with companies that are trying to make the world a better place. Part of this means using eco-friendly materials and technology wherever you can find it, and latex printing is a perfect fit.

Where To Go For Latex Printing

At Husky Creative, we have an HP 360 latex printer which is eco-friendly and produces many of our signs and labels. Get top quality while being forward-thinking by putting in a Boulder latex printing order with us today.

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