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Turning your vehicle into a marketing machine with a custom vehicle wrap is one of the most effective ways to increase brand visibility in the local market. A vehicle wrap also allows you to be more proactive with your marketing. You can create regular routes and touch-points throughout your community where you are most likely to encounter your target audience. We work with every client on a full vehicle wrap design that flows with the lines and curves of your vehicle to make a bigger impact and attract more attention.

Full vehicle wrap design and installation

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See how the angle of the black curve towards the back of the van perfectly matches the angle and slope of the windshield? That’s how you design for the make and model of the vehicle to create a more pleasing and attractive full vehicle wrap.

The key ingredients to impactful full vehicle wrap design are to mirror all other branding and fit the make and model of your vehicle. At Husky Creative, our design team works with you from design to installation to ensure that all your goals are met and that you get the highest quality product. A vehicle wrap is only going to be cost-effective if you are making good impressions and taking proper care of the wrap to ensure longevity. 

High quality 3M vinyl

The design is important, as is the placement on the vehicle. When we design a full vehicle wrap we ensure that the composition is impactful enough. Little details can elevate the impact, but you have to consider the big picture. Is the design legible and attractive from a distance? High-quality 3M vinyl ensures that the design is crisp, colors are bright and vibrant, and that the wrap will attach seamlessly to your vehicle. 

High-quality materials ensure that your full vehicle wrap design will come to life and attract attention on the road in hopes to increase brand visibility.

Full vehicle wrap design tips

Always design a vehicle wrap for the make and model of the vehicle you are driving. Let the curves and breaks of your vehicle help shape the design. Where should you place your logo and important contact information? How can you tell your brand story through composition, color, textures, and imagery? It is also important to let your design breathe. Don’t overcrowd your canvas with too much information. You want to give your customers just enough to make an impression and understand your brand, but not your entire inventory of products and services. 

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