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When you are implementing a signage strategy for your business, it’s important to first put yourself in your client’s shoes. Consider the path that you would take to get to your front door, and then consider all the points along the way where a sign would be helpful. For larger companies that are located away from the street, surrounded by a parking lot, corporate campus, or courtyard, high-impact custom monument signs placed street side are essential markers to guide your customers to your front door. 

Seamlessly guiding your customers with impactful monument signs

Remember, your customers are already forming an opinion of your business before they arrive. Your building logo sign may be visible from a distance, but the entrance to get to your building may not be. If a customer has to circle the block, that’s going to work against you. Placing a highly visible monument sign at the street entrance provides essential directions to customers, enhances their experience, and shapes their first impression of your company.

dsc00050 - High Impact Custom Monument Signs to Attract More Customers

This monument sign checks all boxes – a perfect 3D representation of the brand and logo, looks great in the surrounding landscape and is highly visible to drivers and pedestrians.

Monument signs are more than just guideposts; they are also powerful branding tools. Customizing the monument sign to be a perfect reflection of your brand will impress your customers and boost brand recognition while also directing them to your front door. These free-standing structures should ooze professionalism and confidence. They should stand proud in the local landscape and demand attention. They are sculptural and architectural and gives your business added credibility, while also giving your brand more visibility.

Custom monument sign design

The materials, structure, and elements that you include in your monument sign should flow with all other branding materials. Our design team will work with you to incorporate all of your brand-identifying elements, like fonts, colors, textures, imagery, etc., and then find the best creative solutions to make high-impact monument signs. We also consider the placement and the landscape where the monument sign will have the biggest impact. You want the sign to stand out, but also compliment the surroundings.

Once your customers see your monument sign, the next step is to have them look up at your building and see a logo building sign that mirrors the design elements of your monument signs, but we can talk more about logo signs and how to implement a complete signage strategy another time.  

We start every project with your brand and business goals in mind, helping your business make a bigger impact in your community. Contact us for a free estimate on custom monument signs!

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