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One thing that we’ve talked about in the past is the trouble that sprouts up when marketing materials and visuals are inconsistent. In some cases, it can confuse potential customers as to whether or not your business is actually your business, while in other cases, it can make you look like you are untrustworthy or struggling. Part of the issue is that it’s easy for your marketing team to have a scattered approach if they don’t know where to start from. This goal is best accomplished by a marketing brand style guide.

What Is A Brand Style Guide?

Basically, think of a brand style guide as a set of documents and plans that decide how exactly you want to present yourself to the world and customers as a business. In addition, it’s going to give you concrete examples and explanations of what you want the brand of your business to look and sound like in practice. The reason this is so important is that it helps your team have a reference before they start putting together signage and other marketing ideas.

Some key things that you want to include in this guide are your company values, the personality you want to ascribe to your marketing materials, as well as the target audience. Different creatives are going to approach marketing challenges in different ways, and that’s what you want. However, the style guide makes sure that everyone is working towards the same goal, and that’s essential.

Putting Your Brand Style Guide Into Action

All small business owners in Boulder stand to benefit from using a brand style guide to provide consistency in their marketing, especially marketing visuals. However, what may be a bit different is constantly adhering to this when dealing with all the other aspects of your business. This is a case where it makes more sense to use branding consultation in Boulder from Husky CreativeWe bring the expertise and experience to provide quality while adhering to the specifications of your brand style guide.

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