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Interior branding is a way to pull your brand’s style, vision, and overall vibe into your working space. So, what exactly is interior branding and how can it work for your company? We’re breaking it down, below.

What is Interior Branding?

Interior branding is the use of color, design, and graphics to communicate a message about your brand through your space. When done well, interior branding creates brand recognition and gives customers a positive impression of your company based on visuals.

How to Use Interior Branding

There are plenty of ways to use your business branding in your office design, and each will make a big impact on your space. To start, your interior design can expand your visual branding to a larger scale. Use your company colors, logo, and common design elements on every part of the space, from the walls to the desk chairs.

If you have more than one physical space, interior branding can create consistency between locations. Not every space needs to be identical, but using specific elements in each space can create a cohesive feeling. This commonality can help encourage comradery among employees and brand recognition among customers.

Visually branding your space can create a completely unique experience for visitors. For example, if your business is a spa, your color choices, wall art, and signs should all invoke a calming feeling from the moment your clients walk in the door. On the other hand, if you’re running an indoor trampoline park, your branding should reflect the fun and adventurous nature of the company.

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What it Can Do for Your Business

 It’s no surprise that a work environment makes an impact on everyone working in the space. Creating a work area that reflects your business is one way to keep employees productive. From murals showcasing areas where your company has a presence to signs sharing your motto, branding design can serve as a reminder of why you all come to work each day.



When clients or customers enter your space, interior branding is what will create the first impression they have of your company. Find out how we can help you design your space with a free estimate.

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