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When you’ve labored over your vehicle design with a designer and finally get the installation complete to bring your brand to life, it can be irritating when you’re not happy with the quality of workmanship. There is a way to guard against these issues, though, and that’s choosing businesses with graphic installation certifications. Here are the different types you may encounter.

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All three of these different types of certifications mean that your graphics installation companies commit to not only quality work, but also to keep you satisfied. Here are some of the specific details.

3M Preferred Certified Installers: This certification is designed for individuals and to qualify, said individual needs to carry liability insurance, and is verified with 3M each year with their employer. This yearly verification ensures that the individual performs a reliable and quality installation the first time, every time. The installer also needs to complete a rigorous written, and practical test, covering graphics applies to a variety of different surfaces.

3M/ UASG Certified: To be a member of this group, a company needs to have a United representative go to their company in person and ensure that they meet all standards for membership. They also have to adhere to a set code of conduct covering both business practices and quality.

PDAA (Professional Decal Application Alliance) Certified: All PDAA certified individuals need to proven to be “highly proficient in all types of vinyl graphics installations.” They also need to be a member in good standing, and also have at least one staff member who has passed the PDAA VIP Master Certification Proficiency Exams.

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As you can see, a certified installer can make the difference between a job you are happy with and taking a risk. But what about narrowing the field further?

Husky Creative is the first custom business signage company of its kind in Colorado to have all three of the certifications mentioned above. This means that when you choose to work with us, you are getting the best service possible.

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