Logo / Graphic Design

Logo Design

Good companies have good logos! Successful companies have powerful logos! Don’t look like your competition.

Our Logo & Graphic Design team will develop and deliver a winning visual identity for your business. You may know your business but we know how to get you noticed. Whether you need us to create a brand new logo for your start-up or polish and make current an existing logo we have the insight, experience, and vision to get your visual communications to a higher mark. Our philosophy for powerful logos and graphic design is one of simplicity.

This simplicity is not at the expense of exciting and stimulating visual graphics. The ability for any potential consumer to “See, Read & Retain” your identity or ad in 3 to 5 seconds is the benchmark for successful branding. Helping you organize and clarify your vision as well as identify your market and potential client base is a hands on collaborative effort that we will guide you through. The end result will be a measurably powerful and effective logo or marketing message that will leave your competitor wondering where their market share went.

Graphic Design

“Our talents. You’re Needs. One Goal”

As one of our clients said, “You guys aren’t just a sign company!” They’re right… we are a “One Stop Shop” for graphic design, logo development, commercial signs, vehicle and fleet wraps and digital prints. This is our not so little secret to our success and sets us apart from our competition. Husky Signs & Graphics, Inc. has positioned itself as a trusted go-to vendor in graphic design execution for all visual print, vehicle and fleet advertising, business cards and marketing collateral.

Our Graphic Design services are comprehensive in scope and our clients enjoy common sense pricing that delivers real value and a return on their investment. We love working with passionate companies to help launch, grow and ultimately succeed in their market space. Whether your design needs are simple or complex, we have the experience to get your message delivered in a clear and unique way while cutting through all the visual clutter the world throws at us every day.

We take the time to get to know you and your product or services as well as understand your market and potential clients. Together we will arrive at a powerful visual graphic that is consistent in scope and will deliver the optimal message to your market.