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Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) displays raise the bar on traditional banners. Whether you’re promoting an event, attending an exhibition or tradeshow, or want to transform your interior office or retail space, SEG fabric displays deliver powerful graphic and visual messages tailored to your brand, goals, and objectives. With the added benefit of graphic change-outs on the fly, SEG’s also hit the mark for a powerful economic value.

What Are SEG Fabric Displays?

volvo mack int branding seg wall free standing displays 1 of 1 936x1024 - SEG Fabric Displays For Office, Retail & Event Promotion!

Custom free-standing and wall-mounted SEG  displays for Volvo Mack.

SEG displays are custom printed graphics with silicone strips sewn along the edges. The silicone strip fits neatly into the perimeter of the aluminum frame for a seamless fit. The outcome is a modern, streamlined look that will make your brand pop in any environment.  

Available in custom sizes, SEG fabric displays are easy to install and use. Once the wall frame is in place, images are interchangeable, making SEG displays affordable solutions for brands to stay relevant and deliver the right messages in the right place at the right time. 

Turn any surface into a decorative, inviting, and informative space enhancing the environment and the consumer or your team’s experience. 

Great Uses For SEG Displays:

  • Deliver a unique brand message, core values, or team culture
  • Deliver product and services information
  • Draw attention to sales, events, and promotions
  • Transform retail, office, and interior spaces with creative imagery

High-Resolution Graphics

Our team will use their skills and experience with creative graphic design to deliver powerful messages for any purpose, whether for a temporary event or as permanent interior branding. We print all graphics using state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality materials for an impactful high-resolution, photo-quality image. 

The image possibilities are endless and fully customizable. SEGs radiate and accentuate your brand personality in all interior environments. 

Get SEG Fabric Displays For Every Purpose

Visual communication through exceptional signs and graphics is our specialty. Invest in a branding solution that sets your brand apart and builds awareness. 

Contact Husky Creative for SEG fabric displays for events, promotions, and interior branding.

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