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Vehicle wraps are a fun and effective way to make your brand known all over town, but there are a few common mistakes that could ruin a good wrap. The biggest mistakes have nothing to do with the installation of the wrap, but rather with the design itself. So, before you get your vehicle wrapped, make sure your design is right.

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When you have a lot of graphic design, make sure the important information, like the name of your company, is still in focus and easy to read.

Designing for a full vehicle wrap

The design of your wrap can make or break the intended effect. The brilliance of the vehicle wrap is that for a relatively small amount, you can increase your brand reach. With a vehicle wrapped in your brand, you can target specific areas and neighborhoods that represent your target demographic. With the right logo and design, you can make more impressions a day with a vehicle wrap than you can with digital or print marketing.

Vehicle wrap design mistakes

That being said, if you want your customers to look up from their phones and tablets and notice your vehicle, you need a design that is catchy, legible, and easy to understand. Using color the right way, as well as text and images, can make your vehicle wrap effective or ineffective. The biggest mistake that companies make is to overwhelm their design with too much information. The most effective vehicle wrap designs are simple and concise.

Remember, your customers need to be able to read your vehicle while it is moving, or while they are moving. Too much text is going to make it confusing, and before your customers even get through it all, they’ve already lost interest. You want to tease your customers with a brilliant logo and a catchy tagline. If your logo is effective, it should pique your customer’s curiosity enough to make them look up your company to find out more.

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A vehicle wrap can be more effective than any other type of advertisement if done correctly.

Layout of your vehicle wrap

When you design your vehicle wrap, you have to consider the layout. The design should read like a billboard, but unlike a billboard, your car isn’t going to be a smooth, flat surface. There are curves, bends, and seams that you have to consider. Plus, the vehicle wrap itself is going to come in sections, much like wallpaper. If you’ve ever had to wallpaper your own home with a patterned wallpaper, you know how hard it can be to match up each piece. The same is true for a vehicle wrap. Be sure to talk to your vehicle wrap designers and installers about the best layout of your wrap. If you are working with professionals, they can help you sidestep layout mistakes, like making sure there isn’t a seam going right down the middle of your face, or that text is placed on the evenest surfaces of your car for legibility.

Vehicle wraps and logo design

At Husky Signs, we not only do professional installations of vehicle wraps, but we help our customer design a logo that will pop and bring a great return on investment.

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