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A new color for your vehicle means a great way to change up your style, but there are more options than the obvious paint job. What you may not realize is that color change wraps are an ideal option to do this in many ways.

img 2471 300x225 - Vehicle Color Change WrapsWhy Wrap Over Paint?

Paint was the standard for a while when it came to color changes, but wraps have caught up, and in many ways, overtaken the old standby. Here are some of the reasons why it helps when it comes to color:

Resale Value: In some cases, the original factory paint job is preferable when you are looking to sell your car. Color car wraps are a great option here because when you are done, you can strip the wrap to have the original color, opening things up for more potential buyers. Also, the original paint job is preserved.

Versatility: From gloss to brushed metal to carbon fiber, there are multiple looks that you can use to match your new car design.

Affordability: In general, we’re always advocates of making sure you don’t let the desire for a bargain saddle you with an inferior product or service. However, vehicle wraps are both more affordable than a full-scale paint job without compromising the quality of the color or finish.

Installation Time: A full paint job for your vehicle can take up to two weeks or so to be completed, but a wrap can take around three days maximum by comparison. This means you’re not stuck waiting until your car is finished.

Find The Right Partners

There are many different places you can have your vehicle color change wrap done, but not all designers are created equal. You want a color change that will both meet the contours of your specific vehicle as well as last as long as possible. This is preferable to shelling out extra money for redos because you think you are getting a bargain. Design experts like Husky are the perfect alternative. Paying a little more now will both save you a headache and give you the ideal final product.

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