A new era of vehicle customization is here! Showcase your ride with a stunning color change wrap!

Vehicle color changes

Personalizing your car with vehicle wraps

Personalize your car with the new 3M 1080 Wrap Film Series.

We change the color of our hair, we remodel our homes, and some people even use color contacts to change the color of their eyes. It’s about time the auto industry caught on and came up with a simple and effective way to change the color of your vehicle. Now you can customize the color of your vehicle with the 3M 1080 wrap film series. For those of us who like to mix it up a little from time to time, this is going to revolutionize the custom vehicle industry.

Paint is dead

The vehicle wrap industry has announced the end of paint. Instead, you can easily change the entire color of your vehicle, or simply add a few decorative accents to personalize the car you drive every day. In a world where personal style is everything, make sure your car follows the same style trends that you employ in your wardrobe, hair style, and decorative style.

Using vehicle wrap technology to personalize your vehicle

The new wrap film series boasts over a hundred incredible colors and textures to choose from, and the cost is about ⅓ of what it would cost to get a new paint job. You can add different finishes, like gloss, matte, or satin, but you can also get cool new techniques giving your car the uber trendy industrial look of carbon fiber or brushed metal. You can change the entire color of your vehicle, or you can add decorative striping and accents to personalize your vehicle.

Matte vehicle wrap

The matte black wrap is one of the hottest trends.

Reinventing yourself and your car

From time to time we all like to reinvent ourselves, but, until now, our car has been the one thing that never changes. Now you can reinvent your vehicle as well as your physical look so that your entire style is represented in everything your own for a complete makeover. Plus, you’ll never lose your car in the mall parking lot again.

Free estimate on vehicle color change

We will work with you from design to installation to help you reinvent your vehicle with the 3M 1080 wrap film series. Our professional designers and installation experts will work with you every step of the way to make sure your car is a true representation of your personality and style.

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