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A potential customer or client walks into your place of business. Your goal as a business owner should be to try to do everything to make that impression a positive one. A major part of this is having friendly and helpful staff behind your reception desk, but there’s still more you can do. A bold lobby sign helps both your staff and your business appeal to everyone.

What A Lobby Sign Does For You

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A lobby sign shares a lot with other signs in that they manage to communicate brand values and traits with a simple visual style and space for your slogan. Large marketing campaigns do a lot to get this across for certain audiences, but what about people who come into your business off the street? A good lobby sign can let them know what you are about in an instant. If you’ve managed to get any sort of industry accolades you want to show off, this is the perfect medium to do so!

There are also some practical benefits as well. Say you share an office space with other businesses. A lobby sign provides clear directions for people as to what space is yours, and can also provide directional cues if your customers need to walk a certain way to get where they need to go.

The good thing about lobby signs is that these are relatively small compared to outdoor signs, which makes them an easy opportunity to get creative. Metal, foam, acrylic, all of these are great mediums for different looks, and you can use them all for your lobby signs.

The Best Source For  A Lobby Sign

It’s important to mention that when it comes to lobby signs in Boulder, you only get to reap these benefits with an appealing design that not only catches the eye,  but represents your brand well. This means partnering with a skilled sign designer like Husky Creative today.

At Husky Creative we have numerous samples of materials, colors and substrates you can come in and touch and feel. Let us get involved in your project and help dream up a beautiful, eye catching lobby sign for your business.

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