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A lobby is the center point in your building or office complex. It is the one busy place where everyone has to pass through when they enter and exit. Lobby signage helps to organize the flow of traffic and is the first chance you get to make an impression on your clients and employees too.

The Star of Your Lobby Signage is Your Logo Sign

The first goal of lobby signage is to make clients feel comfortable. When a client enters a professional lobby, the questions they want answered is “am I in the right place?” and “where do I go next?” Great lobby signage will answer these two questions and help clients navigate your premises from the entrance to the exit.

The first signal that clients should see when they enter your lobby is an attractive and professional logo that tells clients what company they are expected to interact with. The logo sign should have a central presence in the lobby and should also be custom designed to fit the lobby atmosphere and help subtly enhance the overall client experience.

Multidimensional Logo Signs

The most impressive and professional lobby sign style is the multidimensional sign, a logo sign that uses a variety of materials and textures to create a 3D effect that will bring it to life. The more impressive your logo sign, the more powerful your first impression will be. The most strategic placement is above the reception area, as this is where your clients are most likely heading once they arrive.

commercial builders lobby signs resized 1024x768 - Lobby Signage That Builds Trust and Confidence in Your Company

Stand out with custom signage from the lobby to your office space.

Reception and Office Signs

Lobby signs are only as effective as your overall signage strategy. The reception area and office signage should be a reflection of your brand and an extension of the design and style of your logo lobby sign. Having recognizable brand elements running through all signage in your building will make the client experience more memorable. Clients feel comfortable things that are familiar and will more easily recall your company values if you are consistent in your branding. Custom signage will help to grow brand awareness and brand identity to make your business seem more credible and reliable. Well-designed, manufactured, and installed signage will inspire trust in your company.

We love to work with companies to find innovative signage solutions. Great signage should tell the company’s story and shape the office ambiance. Signage should do more than guide and inform; it should also connect with clients and employees more deeply. Take advantage of all types of signage, like wall graphics and window graphics, to help create a more complete and memorable experience.

Contact the team at Husky Creative to get started with designing your lobby signage.

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