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When it comes to trying to put together signage for your business, you want to put together something that catches the eye and also represents your brand well. Putting together a channel letter set in Boulder , Denver or surround area may be exactly the combination that you are looking for.

What Is A Channel Letter Set?

The nice thing about getting channel letter sets is that you have a variety of choices. Basically, any three-dimensional sign with a separate structure or internal illumination can be called a channel letter sign. This makes room for a variety of different colors, fonts, and other stylistic choices that match your brand values.

If you’re looking for more specifics, there are four main subsets of channel letter signs worth looking into:

  • Front-Lit Channel Letters: With these signs, the light shines directly through the front of the letters. The result here is that your sign is visible at any time of the day.
  • Halo-Lit Channel Letters:  Here, the sign’s internal lighting comes from the back. This leads to the “halo” that surrounds the letter around the wall where they are installed.
  • Open Face Channel Letters: These are mostly similar to the front-lit signs, but the one major difference is that their acrylic face is clear or completely removed. This gives an appearance that it is completely open.
  • Front and Reverse Lit Channel Letters: This goes for the maximum illumination, combining the halo-lit and front-lit styles.

12829327 984136978307463 7487999055218839606 o 300x225 - Are Channel Letter Sets A Good Match For My Business?Benefits of A Channel Letter Set

There are certain universal benefits of putting up proper business signage, but there are some reasons why you may want to go for channel letters specifically. For one, these use far less energy than conventional neon signage, all of our letter sets are built with energy efficient Led lighting. Another thing is that if people need to find your business, these give you maximum visibility.

Where To Get Channel Letter Sets

In order to have a successful channel letter sign plan, you want to work with professionals that help turn your creative vision into something more concrete. We can help you turn this into a reality at Husky Creative.

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