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These days, marketing and branding professionals have a bit of a catch-22 that they are caught in. New technology and innovations make it easier to put out quality content and visuals at a faster rate than in the past, which, in some situations, is necessary. However, what you need to realize is that moving too fast means that you may be putting out content and visuals that are off-brand or inconsistent. This can actually damage your marketing efforts rather than support them. Here’s the value of consistency when it comes to marketing visuals in Boulder.

The Need For Consistency

In some cases, the problems with inconsistent marketing visuals is that they can literally confuse your potential customers, especially if you move too quickly. Say that you put out marketing visuals, but don’t like them, pull them, and do something new. If you rinse-and-repeat this too often, it’s hard for customers to know which is actually yours. In some cases, your identity isn’t obscured, but your values are, especially if you change your visuals wildly.

To make consistency happen, one thing to do is to try and make your brand assets and visuals easy accessible for your entire team, not just the marketing team. For example, some people may need to put together content quickly, so having the assets on hand makes sure its always the same logos and same formats across everything. In addition, if you have multiple teams putting out marketing visuals, make sure they have open channels of communication.

Support For Your Consistency

img 3931 1 300x225 - Brand Consistency Across All Marketing VisualsWhen you’re trying to use your own creative team as small business owner in Boulder, this can be quite a major ask. Teams turn over, you may need access to certain tools and software, and overall, consistency isn’t as easy as it looks. To handle this issue, it makes a lot more sense to utilize outside help, like branding consultation in Boulder from Husky CreativeWe bring the expertise and experience to make sure your visuals are consistent so you can keep the customers coming in.

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