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Every sign has a budget, and an illuminated sign will have continuous costs to operate. The advantages of an illuminated sign make them well worth the extra expense. However, advanced lighting technology has made lighting up your brand even more affordable. This blog will cover the aesthetic and cost-saving benefits of retrofitting illuminated signs with LEDs. 

Retrofitting Illuminated Signs With LEDs

LED lighting will improve the appearance, strength, and decreases the costs of running an illuminated exterior business sign. The durable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient qualities have quickly propelled LED lighting to the top of the market. If your signs are still lit with fluorescent and neon lights, it’s time to consider retrofitting old signs with LED light systems. 

Overview of the benefits of LED lights for illuminated business signs:

  • Better quality light
  • Cost-saving
  • Longevity
  • Safety
  • Sustainable
    img 0258 - Benefits of Retrofitting Illuminated Signs With LEDs

    Reduce the cost of your illuminated signs by replacing fluorescent and other lighting systems with an LED system.

Better Color Accuracy With LED Lights 

While cost-savings and sustainability are attractive attributes, the biggest benefit is the improved light quality. LED lights are more versatile when it comes to colors. In branding, color accuracy is vital to strengthen your brand image and ensure you are easily recognizable. 

Switching to LED lighting will ensure color consistency much better than fluorescent and other types of lighting, even neon. You didn’t choose your colors randomly, so let’s make sure they consistently represent your brand! LED lighting gives you the best color output and a higher quality light emission to enhance your brand.

LED Lights Are Better in Colder Climates

We always consider materials that are fit for the Colorado climate. Traditional lighting solutions rely on heat to function, which can be problematic in the winter. LED lighting does not rely on heat and thrives in cold outdoor climates, never slowing down, no matter the weather.

Retrofitting Illuminated Signs Will Save Money

Now that you know LED lights won’t negatively impact the visual look of your sign, and they are appropriate for the climate, let’s look at the cost-saving benefits of LEDs. 

LEDs use up to 90% less energy and last about 75% longer than traditional lighting. The numbers speak for themselves. The initial cost of LEDs may be a bit higher, but the performance and longevity will make up for it in the long run. 

Safety and Sustainability

Lastly, LED lights are sturdier and less likely to break, and do not release toxic gases and chemicals like fluorescent or neon lights. Plus, their low emissions and energy consumption supports your environmental goals. 

Get LED Lights for Exterior Business Signs

Talk to us about LED retrofitting illuminated exterior signs. If it’s not possible to replace old lighting with LED, let’s talk about creating new signs with an LED-compliant fixture. The ROI is worth the investment and will improve the look of your illuminated signs

Contact us for a free estimate.

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