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Strategic and branded directional signs to guide customers, clients, students, and pedestrians around your premise don’t get enough credit for improving the user experience. Whether it’s a corporate campus, school campus, office park, or city park, they all have one thing in common: custom post and panel wayfinding signs. Customize wayfinding signs that not only provide a vital service and function but look professional. 

Post and Panel Wayfinding Signs

Post and panel signs can be customized to capture your campus identity in shape, size, materials, colors, and design. Finding elements of your brand, whether it’s a color, material, graphic, or symbol, will help students and visitors quickly identify important signs to get them to their destination.

The post structure can be customized to fit your brand, whether it’s a single post or a double post structure. The panel is designed and manufactured to deliver clear directions and reinforce your brand identity.

Post and panel wayfinding signs need to be:4 sided e1632849180937 253x300 - Sign Inspiration: Custom Post and Panel Wayfinding Signs

  • Visible
  • Recognizable and identifiable
  • Easy to follow
  • Strategically placed

Cultivate Strong Campus Identity

In a recent project for Dawson School, the blue signature color is used as a clear and consistent visual marker, alerting everyone to important directions and messages. The post and panel structures are sturdy and classic, blending into the natural outdoor environment of a Colorado campus while carrying important brand identifiers, like the graphic snow-capped silhouette of the Rocky Mountains. 

These visual elements are incorporated organically for a graphic that is easy to spot, easy to recognize, easy to follow, and fits the environment. 

Site Identification Signs

The questions that wayfinding signs and directional signs need to answer are, “Where am I now? How do I get to where I’m going? Have I arrived?” Every wayfinding sign strategy should begin and end with site identification signs. 

The first identification sign that should greet everyone upon arrival is a monument sign. The monument sign should have all the visual and style identifiers that will identify every other wayfinding and directional sign on campus. 

Get Custom Post and Panel Wayfinding Signs

We collaborate with clients to create post and panel signs that seamlessly guide your students and faculty with a clear, consistent, and authentic voice and visual. 

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