Our internally illuminated SEG Fabric Frame with Sewn Edge Silicone Graphics seamlessly fits into a low voltage LED populated extruded aluminum frame, creating a bright and dynamic visual display. These low voltage displays run on 120 volts and can be plugged into wall outlets or hard wired to direct power leads. We supply both the printed fabric and LED Aluminum frame, in sizes that range as small as 3’x2’up to 20’x12’. Back-Lit SEG Fabric Frames are perfect for interior environments such as retail, office, event venues and manufacturing facilities. Our frames are lightweight and can be installed to flat walls or suspended from ceilings. Retail and event venues will love the ease and low cost of replacing printed fabrics with the change of seasons or events.

Husky Creative's Lit SEG Fabric Frame Lightbox display example.
Picture of Custom Backlit Fabric Frame/Backlit SEG
Picture of Husky Creative's Back-lit Fabric Frame Example