Our SEG Fabric Frames with Sewn Edge Silicone Graphics seamlessly fit into an extruded aluminum frame, creating a polished look that enhances the visual appeal of the display. We supply both the printed fabric and aluminum frame, in sizes that range as small as 3’x2’up to 20’x12’. SEG Fabric Frames are perfect for interior environments such as retail, office, event venues, and manufacturing facilities. Our frames are lightweight and can be installed to flat walls or suspended from ceilings. Retail and event venues will love the ease and low cost of replacing printed fabrics with the change of seasons or events.

Picture of Volvo Mack's Fabric Frames/SEG
Picture of Volvo Mack's Custom Fabric Frame/SEG
Picture of Volvo Mack's Custom made Fabric Frames/SEG
Picture of custom made SEG Fabric Frame.
Custom designed SEG Fabric Frame.
Specialty SEG Fabric Frame for Volvo Mack.
Picture of a Custom Fabric Frame/SEG