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Through environmental graphic design, also known as EGD, you can create beautiful and dynamic signage that blends in with your business’s architecture and interior design. EGD embraces a wide variety of design disciplines, such as industrial, landscape, interior, graphic and architectural design. Its purpose is to create experiences that help people connect to a place through wayfinding and communicating information and identity.

Environmental graphics will blend seamlessly into the interior design of your business. The design of your wayfinding signage should be subtle, but the message should be loud and clear.

blog 4image 2 1024x768 - Using Environmental Graphics to Guide and Inform Your CustomersCreate an Experience Your Customers Will Love Using Wayfinding Signage

What should your customers feel when they walk through your door? Everything about your design, including your business signage, should tell a story and convey your identity. The purpose of interior signs is not to become wall art but to communicate a message about your business.

If a customer walks into your business location and cannot immediately recognize your brand or where they should go next to get what they need, your wayfinding system might need some work. Remember, once a customer walks through the door, it is all about the experience they get.

If you’re looking to create captivating spaces, environmental graphics are the perfect design elements to help you achieve that goal. Wayfinding signage helps create an experience for your customers, impacting the way they perceive your brick and mortar location, as well as your overall business.

The best part about environmental graphics is that they will never look out of place or like they don’t belong in your space. Instead, they will compliment your design and tie everything together, creating a cohesive look and elevating your brand in a way that will help you generate more business. Environmental graphics represent interior signage at its best!


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