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Before you wrap your vehicle in your company logo, you have to design a logo that is memorable and will stand out on the streets. Our designers are experts at branding, so if you’re just starting out, work with our designers to design a logo that is memorable and recognizable. Once you have the design, we can turn your company vehicle into a rolling billboard to introduce your business to the local market in a spectacular way.

boulder bicycle works - 3 Tips to Designing a Powerful Logo

Clean, simple, and powerful logo design.

Creating an effective logo for your business

When you design a logo, you need to consider three things: simplicity, brand consistency, and memorability. When you are introducing yourself to the world, you need a logo that speaks to your target audience. The logo is the face of your company, and you want to make a great first impression. You have to understand your audience and your brand to create a logo that will stick in people’s minds and make a positive impression.


The simplest logos are easily remembered. You don’t want to have too many moving parts or elements because your audience should be able to retain the image in a second, not have to work it out like it’s a puzzle on Survivor. The images and the scripts that you use should be legible, simple, and easily recognizable, especially as it is driving past you on the freeway.

“Our philosophy for powerful logos and graphic design is one of simplicity.”


However, you also need your logo to be a reflection of your brand.  Whatever you use, from the image to the colors, needs to be related to your product or service or corporate culture. Don’t get caught up in design trends, because trends will come and go; you want your logo to be consistent and timeless.

Surprise factor

planet fitness 2 300x225 - 3 Tips to Designing a Powerful Logo

The bold pink color is the added spice that you need in a powerful logo.

The last aspect of a great logo is to add something that is a bit of a surprise. The surprise factor is what will make your logo memorable to your audience. Think of a great logo design like a cooking recipe where you take a bite of something familiar, and then all of a sudden, you get a hint of a surprise ingredients that will excite the palate and the brain and make the dish memorable. This is what you need in your logo design – a little surprise at the end to make it stand out. To keep with the cooking metaphor, add a little seasoning and spice to your logo to make your customers take notice. Don’t be afraid to take a bit of a risk with your logo, as long as you still keep it simple and consistent with your brand messaging.

Logo design in Denver

Our Logo & Graphic Design team will develop and deliver a winning visual identity for your business. You may know your business, but we know how to get you noticed. Whether you need us to create a brand new logo for your startup or polish and make current an existing logo, we have the insight, experience, and vision to get your visual communications to a higher mark.

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