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We all know that a great piece of art can make a whole room come alive. The same is true for an office or a private residence. Rather than hitting up galleries waiting for that perfect piece of art, talk to us about creating a unique wall mural. Having an artist design a wall mural for your home or business can set you apart from the rest. A wall mural can further your brand identity, but it can also help define your personal style and personality.

wm 1 - Reinforce Brand Identity with an Office Wall MuralTypes of wall murals

There can be many reasons to get a wall mural. For a professional environment, a wall mural can build morale, inspire, motivate, and create a more vibrant experience. Employees will feel like they are working in a space that values creativity and innovation. It can remind your team that you are all working together to create something revolutionary. At home, you can show off your personality or bring to life a dull room.

Residential wall murals

The first step to designing a wall mural is to talk about the purpose. If the room has a theme, like a nursery, game room, man cave, studio, home office, living room, or even the kitchen, you can create a wall mural that accentuates the theme of the room. Let the wall mural have some personality. Interior design is seeing a lot of neutral colors, as well as cool grays and blues. To make sure that each room doesn’t fade into the next, a pop of color, a unique piece of furniture, or a creative wall mural is just what a house needs to become a home.

img 0674 1024x768 - Reinforce Brand Identity with an Office Wall Mural

Commercial wall murals

Full or partial murals for a business should be designed to reflect your brand voice. That doesn’t mean that you have to paint your company logo everywhere, but you should try to be consistent in your messaging. For instance, if you have a specific font for your company, use that same font if your mural contains writing. Inspirational messages on the walls are a perfect example of using your corporate font to tie each message back to your brand. If you have signature colors in your logo, be sure to incorporate them into your wall mural.

Partial or full wall murals

Wall murals can depict unique art, graphic design, messages, and photos. Wall murals can be installed anywhere. Unlike a painting, a wall mural can be placed on uneven surfaces and curves. We’ll help you with the best placement to make your wall flow with the rest of the interior design and the architecture.

Talk to a designer about a custom designed wall mural, either partial or full, for your business or residence.

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