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When it comes to holiday sales, you can’t just throw up your typical “SALE SALE SALE” signs in the window and call it a day. When we get into the holiday season, you signage should reflect the season and create a festive holiday ambiance as your customers walk by. To attract foot traffic, work with Husky Signs to personalize and customize holiday signs for your retail shop.

americannatlbank sign 300x172 - Personalize and Customize Your Holiday Signage

Make your window graphics match the season. Change to holiday window graphics for the festive season.

Tis the Season of Festive Signage

The holidays are a mad rush to get all the latest toys, gadgets, and trendy gifts for friends and family. But, despite the stress, there’s nothing more festive and cozy than walking down the streets, passing shops and boutiques that exude the warmth and love of the holidays.

Think about how you can help enhance the holiday spirit and make window shoppers and passers-by want to come into your shop.

Sales and Promotions

When designing signs for holiday sales and promotions, consider how you can integrate your holiday signage into your brand image. Classic holiday signs can be window graphics, interior, and exterior signs, or banners. Use fonts and messages that are in-line with your branding, but think about using images and coloring that goes with the season. You want to find that perfect balance between standing out, but not being too garish to detract from the cozy holiday vibe.

Special Offers

The messaging on your signs should be personal, informative, and captivating. You want to be clear about the helpful services that you may offer during the holidays. Be sure to advertise extended hours, and if you have special offers for your customers. Something that a holiday shopper is always looking for is an all-inclusive deal, so if you offer gift wrapping, let people know. This could be the difference between customers coming to your shop or the shop next door.

Window Displays to Enhance Signs

holiday sales sign ideas 300x225 - Personalize and Customize Your Holiday Signage

Take inspiration from the festive season to design your window graphics.

You want holiday signs to stand out, yet remain sophisticated and subtle. A way to enhance a simple holiday text on your shop window is to match it up with a relevant window display. The more visually appealing you can make your signage, the more it will attract foot traffic and holiday shoppers.

Holiday Signs for Retail Shops

Our team can help you from design to print. Customize holiday signs to increase holiday traffic to your shop. And, don’t forget to get started with enough time on your holiday signs, because the best sign companies will get busy during the holidays, and you want to make sure you get yours designed, printed, and installed in time for the holiday shoppers to hit the streets.

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