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Developing a logo for your start-up is one of the essential creative steps in finalizing your vision. You have already done the difficult work of isolating a gap in the market and developed a product to fill this gap – but do you have the visual identity to accompany your product or service?

Developing a visual identity goes hand-in-hand with developing the core purpose of the business. Put it this way: if your branding and logo do not resonate with an audience, then your actual product will not resonate with an audience either. Your logo is what convinces people to take a chance on your business – it’s what everyone sees on social media and in the press, and it needs to hit home every single time.

Experts in Logo Design and Development

As expert logo developers and graphic design consultants, we know how to craft exceptional visual branding for your start-up. We approach every sign project with the same painstaking methodology by asking the hard questions and testing variations until the perfect synchronicity between form and function is achieved.

Our methodology starts with an inquiry into your business. We will want to know:

  • The origin story of your business
  • It’s stated purpose and specific product or service
  • The target market
  • Any visual cues that you, as CEO, associate with the business

Once we know the fundamentals of your business plan, we will begin the creative process. Some prototypes will be created until we have achieved a powerful logo that works for you and your business.

Architectural Branding is the Key

We see logo development as one part of an overall architectural branding strategy. Architectural branding includes all interior design choices pertaining to the use and installation of the company logo. We know how important it is for your company to have consistent branding from business cards to the logo hanging in the reception area.  We keep all the variables of architectural branding in mind when creating your logo.

Contact us to begin crafting a singular identity your business needs to succeed.

dscn0577 1024x768 - Logo Development for Start-ups

An example of interior logo design

What if I Want to Update My Logo?

Updating your logo is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. However, if you feel as though your current image has gone stale and it is time for a new look, we can be of assistance.

Our graphic design team has decades of experience in designing and fabricating all types of signage. Whether you are looking for logo development, sign design, sign fabrication, or vehicle branding assistance, we have the expertise to help.

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In choosing to work with us, you are choosing to work with the most well-known sign company in Boulder, CO. At Husky Creative, we are experts at creating memorable logos to suit all areas of your business.


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