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Have you ever seen a giant, 6-foot tall commercial sign and wondered how it was made? How much did it cost? Who designed it? Were there any regulatory issues involved in getting the sign installed? If your business is thinking about implementing a commercial sign strategy, these are questions that may come up. Here at Husky Creative, we specialize in helping businesses create and implement commercial sign strategies that encompass every type of sign and incorporate your brand identity into every signage solution. The following article covers how to begin your strategic planning and what signs to consider.

Establish Your Brand 

It is critical to establish your brand from both an internal and external standpoint. What does your brand say about you? How do you communicate your brand to your employees and customers? Once you have identified your brand goals, you will want to choose the visual elements that represent your company such as colors, fonts, and a logo. Applying these elements in all your signage and advertising creates a cohesive message that makes it easier for people to connect with you and recognize your company. 

Sign Types

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It is critical to establish your brand.

When working on your sign strategy you should evaluate the types of signs to determine what will work best for your business. Here are the main sign types to consider: 

  • Exterior Signs – These include storefront signs, wayfinding, and roadside signage. The purpose of these signs is to establish your business location and make finding you easy. For certain businesses, a digital sign that rotates messages or specials is an essential part of their strategy. 
  • Interior Signs – This type includes lobby signs, directories, ADA, wayfinding, and graphics for floors, windows, or walls. The goal of indoor signs should be to emphasize your brand and create a welcoming environment. 
  • Banners, Flags & Advertising Signage – This category is typically used to promote products, events, or other specials and can be easily rotated out or moved. 

Vehicle Wraps – For businesses who travel or have a fleet of vehicles, including vehicle wraps in your sign strategy is key. The number of impressions that vehicles make is an incredible marketing tool.

Strategic Partner

The Husky Creative team can help you create an effective signage strategy that includes every type of sign you might need. We understand how important it is to incorporate your brand identity into every signage solution and work together to ensure the design of each works together. Contact us today to get started! 

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