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A vehicle wrap is only as good as the canvas. We deliver powerfully effective wraps for our clients. We don’t take shortcuts, and we never rush our work. Before we can design, print, and install a wrap with longevity and a strong brand identity, we need to turn your vehicle into the perfect canvas. Here’s how to prepare your vehicle for a custom wrap

Prepare Your Vehicle for a Custom Wrap

Most think that a quick trip through the car wash is all your vehicle needs before applying a custom wrap. However, there is so much more to it than that. Before we accept a project, we need to ensure that we have a canvas that is conducive to a professional and long-lasting wrap. 

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Unfortunately, not all vehicles come to us in perfect condition and require more preparation and repairs before we can start the wrap installation. Our goal is to simply access the situation and ensure that you get the best product possible and that our reputation and integrity stay intact. If your wrap doesn’t live up to your expectations, that isn’t good for you or us.

Removing Rust and Repair Scratches

You wouldn’t start painting a masterpiece on a ripped, coffee-stained canvas. Similarly, we can’t install a vinyl wrap on a car with rust or scratches in the paint. 

Won’t the vinyl cover and hide those imperfections? Unfortunately, no. Imperfections in your paint or patches of rust will cause the vinyl to bubble, warp, and tear. The vinyl wrap should be installed with a mirror-smooth finish, and that is simply not possible with an imperfect canvas. 

Trust us – we know what we’re talking about. Removing rust and repairing scratches is in your best interest. 

No Ceramic Coatings

We get the attraction to apply a ceramic coating to protect your vehicle and the original paint. Unfortunately, vinyl wraps and ceramic coatings just don’t get along. They will not work together, and the vinyl can’t be applied to a ceramic coated vehicle.

For the best custom wrap installation, the ceramic coating will have to be stripped before vinyl can be applied.

There is good news, though. We do offer ceramic coating that can be done over the wrap – inquire about our dynamic ceramic protective coating. 

Get Custom Vehicle Wraps That Exceed Expectation

The Husky difference is rooted in our commitment to excellence, starting with a perfect canvas. We want to create the best wraps, signs, graphics, and branding solutions for our clients. Our high standards deliver products that exceed expectations. 

Is your vehicle ready for a wrap? Get a free estimate!

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