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The options for customizing your storefront signage are practically infinite. A lot goes into the designing process, from design details such as colors and graphics to the more practical details regarding the size and materials. Regardless, planning your storefront signage is what can set your business apart from others. Your business should have a professional look, while also representing your business’ culture. The following are some tips to follow to make sure you design the best looking storefront for your business.

Types of Storefront Signage

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Window graphics add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your windows.

Depending on the effect you want your storefront signage to have, you’ll want to consider the different options available.

For more permanent commercial signs,  metal and aluminum materials are among some of the most popular. These materials can be welded to create 3D lettering that can be illuminated or non-illuminated according to your preference and desired look.

If you are looking for classic storefront signage, wood is another solid choice in materials. Wood can be engraved with different designs, and the result is a sophisticated, warm, and contemporary look. Regardless of the material that appeals to you, our designers know how to manipulate every type of material to design and manufacture signs that represent your brand and will attract and engage your audience.

When you are creating signage for your storefront you need to take the entire facade into consideration. Take advantage of all the space you have to design a welcoming, attractive, and engaging storefront. Window graphics can be added to complete the look of your storefront, adding attractive details or essential information. Window graphics can also be used to advertise events or sales, as they are versatile and easy to remove and change depending on your needs.

Design Tips

After selecting the appropriate material for your storefront signage, you will want to take into account factors such as layout, style, color, and font. Not only should your sign let customers know who you are and what you do, but the best design will also be able to evoke emotion. Colors and graphics are the most impactful tools you have to speak to appeal to your audience on a subconscious level. Storefront signage should make your customer feel good about spending money on your products and services.

There is no need to be overwhelmed by the design process for your storefront signage, contact us at Husky Creative for help and an estimate.

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