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Since everyone has spent way too much money on their summer fun and vacations, September is a great time for companies, especially those in the retail business, to have a sale. Similarly, companies are always looking to save on costs, particularly when it comes to advertising.

A banner is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your message delivered to your base, plus it’s simple and effective.

sale banner 300x145 - Full Color Banners for Every Sale, Event, or Venue

Banners are cost-effective and an efficient way to get your message across.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Just like you want to give your customers the best deal possible, you also want the best deal when it comes to your advertising budget. A banner is one of the quickest and surefire ways to let your customers know what’s going on.

The text on a banner needs to be simple and to the point. Bold statements like “Coming Soon,” “Seasonal Sale,” “Everything Must Go,” “Back to School Sale,” and “50% Off” are exactly what banners are good for, and you can customize the art and the text to be consistent with your brand.

Banner Backdrops for Brand Awareness

A banner doesn’t have to proclaim a sale or an event, as they can also be a very classy and effective way to create brand awareness at other activities. Sponsoring staged events and festivals, or advertising at live events gives you an excellent opportunity to make a banner backdrop that hangs prominently for everyone to see.

Types of Banners

dscn5848 300x225 - Full Color Banners for Every Sale, Event, or VenueWe can print full-color banners in any quantity, and we give you the option for many types of banners depending on your message and the purpose.

  • Standard rectangular hanging banner
  • Rectangular banner stands
  • Stage backdrop banners
  • Mesh banners for high wind areas like an arena, stadium, or open-air venues
  • Vertical teardrop banners that hang from the ceiling
  • Razor sail banners for tradeshows, sporting events, and more

Full-color Banners

If you need a banner for an event, sale, trade show, or to broadcast your message to the world, write to us for a free estimate. Our work is high-quality, professional, and very reasonably priced.

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