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Trends come and go, and keeping up can be difficult. When it comes to branding and designing a logo for your company, it’s important to understand the current trends. However, you don’t want to get so caught up in what’s cool that you forget about your brand. If it’s too trendy, it’s not going to be able to stand the test of time. You want your logo to be like the little black dress or a great pair of jeans – timeless!

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Simplicity will never go out of style!

Trends come and go and come back again

The problem with trends is that by the time you see them in magazines, TV, and social media, they are already on their way out. The good news is, they’ll most likely make their way back into circulation after about twenty years or so, with slight twists. For example, in the 90s we had the Hammer pants, then they came back as parachute pants in the 2000s, and now they’re being marketed as drop-crotch pants. Of course, by the time we are writing this, the high-waisted pant has replaced the drop-crotch. However, it’s a great example of how trends come and go and then get reinvented to become trendy again. The same concept should be applied to your branding and logo design.

Graphic design trends

Today’s trends will feature a lot of “retro” trends with modern twists. We also see a lot of graphics using bold graphic design. A bold graphic design will use contrasting colors, negative space, and have the effect of being flat and two-dimensional. This type of design will also give your graphic a retro-modern feel.

Simplicity is always best

Perhaps the biggest design trend that we see in fashion, technology, design, and culture is sustainability. Making your design feel organic and clean is dominating the market today. You don’t want to waste space, and you don’t want your logo to be too cluttered. Luckily, sustainability is completely in line with a design trend that has always stood the test of time, namely simplicity. Keeping your brand logo simple and concise is the best way to ensure that your logo isn’t going to go prematurely out of style.

Be true to your brand, not trends

redpoint 300x300 - Following Trends When Designing a LogoWe’ve been in the graphic design and sign making industry for decades. We’ve seen trends come and go and then reinvent themselves to become trendy again. No matter that trends, we’ve found that the best logos are those that keep it simple, clean, and in line with their brand. If you keep your design true to your brand, it will stand the test of time. When designing a logo, you want to follow your own personal style, because personal style is always on trend. If you stay true to your own style, you may even find that you become the trendsetter, not the follower.

Powerful logo and graphic design

Our logo & graphic design team will develop and deliver a winning visual identity for your business. You may know your business, but we know how to get you noticed. Whether you need us to create a brand new logo for your startup or polish and make an existing logo current, we have the insight, experience, and vision to get your visual communications to a higher mark. Our philosophy for powerful logos and graphic design is one of simplicity.

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