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Nothing gives a more confident and professional impression of your business than a captivating lobby or reception area. We see many companies in Boulder County with a nice, clean office space but nothing eye-catching or dynamic about it.

As visual artists and graphic designers, we consider every drab reception area as a missed opportunity. At Husky Creative, we hope to reach every business in Boulder County with a lackluster lobby and help them turn it into a dynamic space that reflects the creative spark and commitment to excellence embodied in the people behind the company.

You might be wondering why interior lobby signs or reception area signage is so vital. We understand that prioritizing your expenditures is the most important job of a business owner. To this end, we want to share three significant benefits of internal signage.

Creates a More Dynamic Space

When people enter a store, they expect to be engulfed in the aesthetic image and mood of the company.

Take Starbucks, for example. The design of each Starbucks café produces a particular blend of edginess and familiarity. The black and green color scheme, taken from the official company logo, is apparent in every single location without being overbearing. Part of the success of the Starbucks logo is the use of symbolism throughout their locations.  Symbols, according to the authors of this article in the Journal of Business Research, “more easily signify a brands benefits and transcend language barriers than text or names.” Whether your business operates out of a commercial store or private office space, you can take advantage of the unconscious attraction we all have towards symbolism in curating your lobby or reception area.

husky creative imatest boulder colorado dimensional sign custom architectural branding 300x225 - Dimensional Interior Architectural Signs

Promotes a Focused and Energized Staff

Creating a dynamic reception area and work environment does more than enhance the impression of your potential customers, it affects you and your employees. Incorporating interior signage in the reception area of your office space will give an added confidence boost to your employee’s every time they enter and leave. A sense of pride and commitment is inherent to anyone working for a company, and a beautiful dimensional office sign or wall mural promotes a unified and positive team. It gives you and your team some visual inspiration to rally around when work gets crazy busy!

husky creative wall vinyl 3m certified installers mural architectural 2 1 1024x768 - Dimensional Interior Architectural Signs

An example of a wall mural we installed for a client recently.

Brings Art into the Workplace

As expert graphic designers, we have a lot more to offer than logo consultation and sign fabrication. We are the team to call if you want to spice up your lobby with a unique wall mural that compliments your existing logo signage. Whether it’s branded content or just something you dreamed up, feel free to share your creative vision with us, and we promise to actualize it. Transforming ideas into visual form is our passion!

Dimensional Office Signs Should Be a Priority

A company without impactful interior dimensional signage is a company without a central identity. However, all too often businesses pour money into advertisements, spending their budget without first creating a positive and engaging workplace.

At Husky Creative, we are driven to help businesses harness the power of their true identity, both for the benefit of their customers and their staff. Contact us today to begin re-vitalizing your lobby space with an interior logo or wall mural signage.

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