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Turn your brand into functional art with custom exterior wall murals. Think beyond just your storefront, and wrap your building or a border wall in a stunning custom mural designed to deliver your brand message and attract more attention from the local crowd. We design and install large-scale vinyl exterior wall murals, giving you 360 degrees of branding opportunities. 

Designing and Installing Custom Exterior Wall Murals

A creative exterior wall mural delivers a strong brand message, an attractive visual and makes positive impressions. Transform your building and create an exterior wall mural that becomes a recognizable landmark in the local landscape.

We specialize in vinyl murals, wraps, and graphics full of personality, delivering a strong message and the promise of an exciting and unforgettable brand experience.

Benefits of exterior wall murals:

unnamed - Custom Exterior Wall Murals: Turn Your Brand Into Art

We’ve got vinyl that transcends materials so you can create a large-scale vinyl mural that covers both the glass window, metal frame, and brick wall.

  • Custom designs
  • Seamless integration with your space and environment
  • Installed on multiple exterior surfaces
  • Removable

Permitting and Permission

Getting permission from your building manager or landlord is necessary before we can acquire permits. Once the practical steps are taken care of, the fun begins. 

Designing Exterior Wall Murals

An exterior wall gives us a big opportunity to create something spectacular and larger than life. Exterior wall murals are your chance to connect with and engage consumers, drawing them in and making your business irresistible to motorists, pedestrians, locals, and tourists. The artwork should connect with your brand message, the environment, and local surroundings. 

You want your brand to stand out, not stick out!

Types of Exterior Surfaces

We use the best materials on the market, working with multiple types of surfaces, including brick, concrete, glass, and more. Because many exterior surfaces tend to be highly textured, we apply a special 3M film created specifically for textured and uneven surfaces – like the custom exterior wall mural we installed for Boulder Beer on a brick wall. 

High-end 3M materials also ensure a sharper image, brighter colors, and a more attractive visual. 

Unlike traditional signs, wall murals and graphics allow us to work with any surface, even wrapping around compound curves and corners, for seamless integration with your building and location. 

3M Film Is Removable

All murals are designed and installed by our 3M certified installers. However, we can remove vinyl wraps, often without causing any damage to the underlying surface.  Murals create a spectacle and attract attention when displayed, but once removed, it will be like it was never there, leaving the space ready for the new tenant to brand.

Work With Husky Creative on Exterior Wall Murals

Our 3M certified installation team is ready to create and customize spectacular exterior wall murals for any exterior surface. 

Get a free estimate and let’s get started! 

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