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A sign is never just a sign; it’s a way to connect and engage with consumers and tell your brand story. We specialize in helping businesses create and implement a commercial sign strategy that encompasses every type of sign and branding and incorporates your brand identity into every signage and branding solution. Whether it’s a simple wayfinding sign or your main building logo sign, we make sure that we capture the essence of your brand and the attention of your target audience.

Signs and graphics should always work together to speak the same language. Thinking about signs on an individual level can lead to problems with the synergy of your overall campaign. So, to help make this process a bit easier for you, here are the ins and outs of creating a commercial sign strategy

Ins and Outs of a Commercial Sign Strategy

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We help incorporate the essence of your brand and create design cohesion for a complete sign strategy.

The most effective signs incorporate information about the customer, brand, and business ethos into a comprehensive strategy that works across various locations and purposes. Here are the major components of a strong commercial sign strategy. 

Brand Persona

Developing a brand persona that explains demographic and background information on your ideal prospective customer will help you determine what messaging will impact them the most. 

Business Goals

Whether you are a rapidly expanding new business or an established community staple, you must incorporate your overall promotional goals and values in a brand-congruent fashion.

Exterior and Interior

Now it’s time to think about the logistics of your commercial sign strategy. Are you going to use vehicle wraps for mobile advertising or an exterior storefront sign to grab attention and communicate with customers? Once customers enter your workspace, how will you follow up on your initial promotion with interior signs?

Interested in getting an estimate on your new sign campaign? Reach out to Husky Creative today to get a detailed estimate of our sign services’ cost, process, and outcomes.

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