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The creation of an experience has become an essential element in today’s world of marketing and branding. These days you can’t just have a logo and expect people to connect with your brand; you need to tell a story that your clients will believe in and want to become part of. Wall murals, also known as wall graphics, are one of the best ways to create this sense of narrative. When clients arrive at your office, you want them to feel like they are entering an atmosphere where they can thrive, which begins with the narrative that greets them in their lobby or reception area.

Craft the first impression

What story do you want to tell your clients about your brand when they walk in? Everything from how you dress to the language you use to speak with a client all contribute to how they feel during their experience with your company. The way an office is laid out can also tell them a lot of information about who you are as an organization. Wall graphics are just one more thing that can shape a client’s impression of a business. When designing your lobby space, think beyond your typical lobby sign. Wall graphics can be used to enhance the space and start your story. 

Highlight quality and service

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Wall graphics can be used to enhance the space and start your story. 

Choosing wall graphics that can highlight quality and service is a simple way to make an impact on your clients. You want to be able to sell yourself before you have the chance to introduce yourself. These displays attract attention and offer subtle messaging about what types of services you offer and how high-quality those services are. Incorporating these pieces into your design helps to guide your customers down your path and into what you have waiting for them at the end of their journey with you.

Communicate what sets you apart

What are your company values? How do you set yourself apart from others? The answers to these questions can help to shape the messaging for your interior branding. They also show who you want to be as a business. Do you want to be professional and welcoming, or friendly and open? Is it important that customers know they’ve arrived at an exclusive, high-end service provider, or is it more important that they feel like they’re part of a community? Whatever narrative your company wants to tell, you can use wall graphics to communicate the message.

Design for Maximum Impact

Businesses need something to set them apart, and custom wall graphics and murals can help you do that. The Husky Creative team can take your vision and bring it to life. Contact us today to discuss your interior signage needs! 

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