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Sometimes even the best and most successful brands need a little facelift. Whether you’re making subtle or dramatic changes to your brand and logo, make sure that your signage reflects your new look before you make the big reveal. A new logo sign to back up a new logo is essential in creating brand continuity and allowing for a smooth transition from old to new.67713214 2551831471550005 2020804210374737920 o 1024x1024 - Get Fresh New Logo Signage to Backup a Fresh New Logo

New Signage is Essential When Rebranding

If you’re refreshing your logo, you need to refresh your signage. Any sign and/or graphic with an old logo or design should be updated. Your new logo won’t be as effective without matching signage.

New Logo Sign

While changing every sign in one fell swoop may not be economically feasible, we recommend that your main storefront sign and logo signs are upgraded. Logo signs are your visual identity. They are what your customers will remember, and they need to match all branding materials. Consumers should be able to recognize your logo from your website to your front door. Any disconnect in appearance, style, and messaging decreases the power of recognition and awareness, and you need both to stay competitive.

Husky Creative can consult with you on effective ways to update and upgrade your current logo while still preserving the integrity and essence of your original brand. Simultaneously, we can work with you to update and create new signage to reflect any changes.

Rebranding is a delicate process; many moving parts need to fall into place before introducing your new logo to the world. Our team can take you from idea to installation, ensuring that you present a cohesive brand image from your website to your storefront sign, logo signs, and all other signs representing your brand.

Talk to our team about your rebranding ideas, and together we can find the best solutions from graphic design to new signage

Contact Husky Creative today for a free estimate on a new logo sign.

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