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Whether you’re talking about business or life in general, a first impression counts for a lot. This is the reason why so many people invest in a proper exterior sign. It’s important for the sign to have the right approach to your company and clientele.

jinx square sign 300x300 - Architectural Exterior SignsValue Of Your Signage

There are a variety of different architectural exterior options, ranging from channel letters to cabinet signs to others. There is a combination of both practical and aesthetic reasons why a certain company may use a certain sign:

Aesthetics: People associate certain designs or styles with certain qualities, and you want to make sure that your mission and your business signage designs match up. You wouldn’t want to have a flashy, elaborate sign when your mission is to provide an affordable, no-frills service. The two don’t match.

Practicality: Putting a sign where it belongs is a shifting definition. For example, if you get a lot of foot traffic, you may be able to get by with a smaller sign, so long as it is a place where walkers can see it. However, if you are competing for space in an office park, channel letters may be an easier way to be seen.

Where Things Go Wrong

When it comes to design, there is often the chance to iterate and try things out. With signage, you’re making a far more permanent investment, so you want to be certain that you have a design that will garner attention from the right customers before buying in. Equally important is making sure that you have a maintenance plan to keep that effectiveness going.

Get The Right Help

Working with a professional can make all the difference between having a successful architectural brand and one that confuses or potentially repels your clients. Make sure that you end up on the successful side by working with a design firm that knows how to take your core tenets and express them through a sign, while being appealing in an architectural sense as well.

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