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Creating a visual impact on potential customers is the goal of any advertiser or business that wishes to succeed. Commercial signage is beneficial for catching people’s attention. They have been around since we can imagine, and today, we can find them in an endless range of shapes, types, colors, and with specific and unique features.

Business signs have evolved for centuries. The vast advances in technology have not only allowed the creation of new, high-tech electronic signs but also improvement in the way traditional signs are made. That allows for expanding the crafting and designing techniques to limitless possibilities.

When selecting the best commercial signage for your business, most startups, entrepreneurs, and business owners become overwhelmed with the large number of decisions they have to take. It is essential to understand that every business, brand, or project is different. Depending on your business goals, objectives, and target audience, among other critical aspects to consider, you can determine the best commercial sign to use.

There are several options that business owners could use to successfully attract customers and potential partners while establishing their brand and projecting their corporate image. On top of that list, you can place dimensional signs.

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Analyze in-depth, dimensional signs effectiveness.

Going deep in dimensional signage effectiveness

Even though dimensional signage is an ambiguous term that involves or covers the traditional 3D letters to specific techniques of environmental graphic design, they are often referred to as 3D signs. The presence of depth that dimensional signs provide creates a natural attraction in potential customers, literally popping out to people’s vision.

They are traditionally cast, molded, fabricated, or cut from solid material and applied on surfaces to achieve the raised effect. They can be shaped into letters, images, and even logos. They can be created as stand-alone letters spelling out a message or name, or they may be used as part of a signboard either recessed or extending outwards. Dimensional signage can also be installed with customized illumination, making it extremely interesting and easy to play with.

The various materials that can be used, its flexibility, installation techniques, range of colors, and the possibility to illuminate, making them a top choice for most businesses and stores. Regardless of the type of business, service, or operation they perform. You can find them on storefronts, restaurants, offices, buildings, neighborhoods, and virtually anywhere.

3D signs are elegant, eye-catching, and cool advertising tools that project a reliable and professional look. They provide a modern and sophisticated appearance, adding depth and texture to walls and specific areas. These make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They are usually installed directly on the building’s facade. But they can also be incorporated into monument signs, post signs, panel signs, and reader boards, making them a great, affordable alternative to traditional signage.

They can also be used for decorative and residential purposes. Homeowners can add decorative letters or their address in bold, raised numbers to their office, holiday house, or home. Multi-building apartment complexes can use dimensional signage for the numbers that identify buildings.

Of course, this is only possible, thanks to the full range of materials that can be used to create dimensional signs, making them extremely versatile, flexible, and durable. They are so resistant that they are a popular choice among boat owners. Boat owners often show their ship’s name on dimensional signs.
Besides the popular outdoor areas usually installed like the sides of buildings and storefronts, dimensional signs are prevalent and effective on reception areas, lobby walls, inside offices, conference center walls, and even on trade show booths.

Dimensional signs commercial benefits

Dimensional signs are not only accessible between business owners, but also a smart choice. The wide range of benefits that 3D signage provides is hardly comparable to any other commercials signage type. It is an intelligent investment that will offer a high ROI or return on investment.

There is a large number of benefits business owners could receive after installing dimensional signage on their commercial building or office. Some of the most significant benefits you can immediately receive are:

Strikingly Visible

Nothing compares to the presence that dimensional signage provides. They can easily be seen from a distance, catching peoples’ attention, and expanding your target audience. Dimensional signage can help your store stand out from the rest in malls and congested commerce areas. They can also be handy at the side of roads and streets.

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Remember, you have fractions of a second to set that first experience with your target audience. In a blink of an eye, you need to be able to get people’s attention and let them known what your business is about. Also, to understand how, where, and why to purchase your products, services, or come by to visit.

Dimensional signs are incredibly eye-catching, explicit, easy to read and understand. Therefore, pedestrians and drivers are more likely to respond positively to your message, placing it in their minds while converting them into potential customers.

Dimensional signage is also a great way to enhance and accent your store’s landscape or building’s architecture. They can be specially designed to boost or contrast specific walls, architecture shapes or areas, naturally improving your business.

Also, the natural lighting and shading that the sun provides during the different times of the day will make your sign stand out in different and unique ways at all times. The weather elements can also offer exciting features to play with, and when the sun goes down, customized lighting can bring a whole different look.

Different lighting systems, locations, angles, and color lights can set the tone during the evening, making your signage strikingly visible and attractive, over the night.

Long-Lasting Signage

When it comes to finding a competent, eye-catching, sturdy, long-term commercial signage, dimensional signs are incomparable. Dimensional signs require minimum maintenance, as most of the materials used to build them are durable. For instance, among the most popular materials used, you find metal, plastic, steel, foam, wood, acrylic, vinyl, brass, copper, aluminum, and the list goes on. Most of them are capable of resisting any weather element or condition it could face. With proper maintenance, dimensional signage won’t crack, peel, chip, fade or break, keeping its colors and texture looking great for a long time.

Amazing Versatility

Dimensional signs are incredibly flexible in design and versatile. There is such a wide range of different materials that can be used to create dimensional signs, in addition to the numerous styles and types of dimensional signs available. Besides the endless number of options, finishes, designs, colors, and shapes, all of these help to virtually create any signage you desire.

With dimensional signs, it is quite easy to create and craft any brand, logo, typo, or anything you can imagine. Including a customized lighting system that could reinforce or provide that unique look you want.

Boost Your Business Incomes

Colorado has been established as one of the best states to live in, build a career, and start a business. Nevertheless, this means that competition is fierce and ruthless. Dimensional signs are great tools to establish your corporate image in your potential customers’ minds while standing out from the rest of the brands out there. An attractive and high-quality sign can enhance the image of your business and increase your sales.

3D signs are not only fresh and eye-catching, but they can effectively improve your corporate image. Nothing compares to the professional look a dimensional sign can provide.

The clean, polished, professional look that dimensional signs project can quickly boost your sales, representing an essential return of investment, maximizing your advertising efficiency.

Extremely Affordable

Finally, when you add all the elements above, the result is an extremely efficient, unique, original, custom made, advertising method that will appear almost cost-free. When properly designed, built, and installed, dimensional signs will boost your income continuously, becoming a sure bet.

Dimensional sign uses

To achieve all of the fantastic benefits that dimensional signage can provide, it is vital to start by considering where you plan to install it. Is it going to be an outdoor or indoor 3D sign? Is it for commercial purposes? Is it going to require an illumination system?

These questions can help you to determine the type of dimensional sign that best suits your specific needs, the installation method, and the material to be used in its creation.

Outdoor dimensional signs

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Create different sensations and textures, adding customized lighting to your dimensional sign.

Like we mentioned earlier, dimensional signs are popular and traditional forms of advertising. They are a great and popular type of exterior signage between business owners. They are incredibly useful in catching potential customers in a blink of an eye. They are perfect for those demanding areas, like shopping malls, plazas, and where drivers don’t have much time to turn their heads. It is incredible how much of a buyers’ decisions occur while driving. In-car shopping decisions have a high rate of converting to sales, and nothing draws the eye faster than 3D signage.

Dimensional signs are also significant elements to combine with the environmental design of your shop, building, or business area. You can enhance and boost the effectiveness of the specific regions, using your surroundings on the design of your 3D signage. Using natural elements like the landscape, your building’s architectonic structure, the sunlight, and shades can provide amazing and unique visual results.

Indoor dimensional signs

Dimensional signs are unusual elements for indoor purposes. They can easily add elegance, professionalism, or bring to life a dull and cold area. They can also be used to boost and enhance the mood of your staff in specific departments, creating a sense of belonging.

Dimensional logos and signs are ubiquitous to find installed in lobbies and receptions. This way, you can establish your brand while projecting a reliable and professional corporate image. Remember that first impressions are vital in the business world, and an elegant, relaxed, and striking dimensional sign on your lobby will most certainly do the job.

Dimensional signs can also be used for wayfinding or as decorative and inspirational elements to make a significant impact on your visitors, potential customers, staff, and partners. Using custom lighting can also reinforce your message and create a unique look on your signage.

Installing your dimensional sign correctly

When you have decided where your dimensional sign is going to be placed, whether indoor or outdoor, then you can choose the best materials and proper installation method. Remember that your signage has to be visible, but also safe. The last thing you want is your sign falling over your customers’ heads.

Most of the dimensional signs are mounted on walls and can be affixed to both exterior building walls and inside buildings and office walls. They can also be pin mounted, creating a visual illusion as if the signage is floating off its background. You can also use dimensional signs installed on rooftops. These are a popular choice for retail stores and restaurants. It is one of the most visible signage solutions for businesses. They are usually mounted on a durable metal framing system or directly onto building tops.

Nevertheless, it is vital to consider the size, shape and features your dimensional signage will have because this could determine the best materials to use. Otherwise, it could become too heavy and risk the entire structure’s integrity.

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Wood dimensional signs

Wood dimensional signs are elegant and refreshing. They provide a natural and rustic look and can be designed in any shape. You can use virtually any type of wood. But if you plan to use it outdoors, it is better considering weather-resistant wood types, like redwood or cedar.

Plastic dimensional signs

Plastic dimensional signs are great and affordable options for indoor and outdoor purposes. They can be shaped into any form and in any color, making it extremely versatile and flexible. It is also extremely sturdy, long-lasting, and lightweight so it can be placed or hung anywhere.

Most popular plastic dimensional signs are made of acrylic, vinyl, PVC, and similar types of plastic. They are great for illuminated systems reinforcing your brand either inside or outside your commercial building.

Metal dimensional signs

Metal dimensional signs are a great choice to project an elegant and classy look. They denote professionalism and stability. Metal dimensional signs have amazing results in lobbies and meeting rooms. Metal provides a wide range of different finishes and textures to create various visuals sensations.

There is a wide range of different metal options to build your dimensional metal signage. But the most popular ones include aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel.

Foam dimensional signs

Foam dimensional signage offers durable, sturdy lightweight, affordable options for businesses. The most popular foam used is HDU or high-density-urethane foam. It is durable, light, waterproof, and affordable. It is fabricated in various thickness levels and is ideal for forming custom shapes that appear to have a smooth, carved appearance. Best of all, it is environmentally friendly.

Foam dimensional signs are easy and fast to create and can be built in virtually any color, making it great for tradeshows and similar purposes.

Right choice

After considering the dimensional signage design world, it is easy to understand why it is one of the best and most affordable options that any business, startup, or entrepreneur has to promote their business, effectively and reliably.

They are incredibly versatile, eye-catching, and functional. If you still have doubts about how to select the best one for your business, contact Husky Creative today. We will gladly help you with your dimensional signage project.

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