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Freshening Up Your Logo Can Be Good for Business

Your logo speaks volumes for your brand. It reflects your brand identity, it can help build trust between your business and its customers, and it helps you differentiate your business from the competition —essentially, making you stand out.

A logo is not something you create once and then ignore forever. It needs maintenance. Your logo will require a revision and some updates every once in a while. But how can you be sure when the time for logo redesign has come? And what should you do to give it a fresh new look? We have some pointers for you.

How Do You Know It’s Time for a Logo Update?

Looks Outdated

Sometimes, it is as simple as that. You know how you can tell a shirt is from the 80s just by looking at it. Or that a house is from the 60s by glancing at its design and decor. The same thing happens with a logo. If your logo makes your customers feel like they’ve traveled back decades in time, it will likely make them think your entire operation is also outdated. It’s a good practice to revisit your logo every five years and consider giving it a little refresh.

Doesn’t Represent Your Brand Today

Your business is not what it was ten years ago, and it won’t be the same ten years from now, so why would your logo stay the same forever? Your logo should evolve with your business. It should represent what you do today and for who you do it.

Even if your business hasn’t changed in a while, the way you present yourself to the world might have. Your marketing strategies and other initiatives have an impact on how your business is perceived. If you decide to rebrand your company, updating your logo should be part of your rebranding efforts.

2 Ways to Polish Your Logo

logodev - An Outdated Logo Can Hurt Your BrandKeep It Simple

A logo doesn’t need to be a super complicated graphic. On the contrary, it should be a simple design that communicates a clear idea through the right use of fonts, lines, shapes, and colors. The most iconic logos are usually straightforward in design. That is something you can achieve with the help of professionals in graphic design and logo development.

Get Other Opinions

Once you have a few options ready, they need testing. It is vital to get an objective opinion so you can choose a powerful logo that truly represents your Colorado business. Have others who are unrelated to your business take a look at it and tell you what they think and feel when they see your logo. Those unbiased opinions will help you make an accurate decision.

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