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Color is one of the first things that consumers notice about a brand. When creating a brand, you take care to choose the right color, ensuring people derive positive associations and brand affinity. Color captures mood and emotion and makes the strongest impression. Once you have captured your brand’s perfect color and tone, the next challenge is accurate color matching for signs and graphics to improve brand recognition.

Accurate Color Matching For Signs + Graphics

Color makes an instant impression and connection with consumers and is your strongest branding tool. However, with so many paint brands, color matching all branding can be challenging. Without color consistency, you create brand confusion. Accurate color matching is essential across the board, from physical signs + graphics to digital images and marketing. If the colors you choose from your brand vary from sign to sign, graphic to graphic, it will be impossible for consumers to connect to your brand.

Color matching all branding, signs + graphics will make your brand much stronger and more easily recognizable.

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Ensuring Accurate Color Matching

All colors consist of many colors; understanding the right mixture is the key to perfect color matching.

With every new sign, graphic, and wrap, we need to re-create a brand’s signature color accurately every time. Color matching is essential to develop brand consistency and strengthen brand association.

We, at Husky Creative, turn to the Pantone Color Matching System to ensure we deliver the same high-quality signs + graphics with attention to detail for all our clients. 

Pantone Color Matching System

We all recognize Pantone as a color leader for graphic design, marketing, print, décor, and more. However, they are most famous for creating a color matching system. 

Each color has a specific formula, a recipe of multiple colors that create a signature color. This mixture has to be precise to achieve perfect color matching every time. The Pantone Color Matching System is like a recipe book for color, a universal language we use to deliver the perfect color for our clients. In the branding industry, this is one of our most vital tools. 

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