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Many businesses mistakenly believe that complying with ADA signage rules and regulations means giving up their brand identity. However, there are plenty of ways that your business can remain ADA compliant while still incorporating your brand elements into all signage efforts.

Following ADA Signage While Sticking to Your Brand

When it comes to signage, ensuring that your visual brand is clear and consistent across all advertising, including ADA signs, is what will make your signage strategy effective. Brand consistency is essential because it is the core of your company’s identity. All signs should have a primary purpose of communicating effectively with your customers, but they should also serve a secondary purpose which is to communicate your brand’s identity and its story.

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Make inclusivity part of your brand identity, and make all of your signage ADA compliant.

ADA compliant signage is no different. At Husky Creative, we know how to design and manufacture ADA signage that complies with size, placement, and lettering while incorporating design details that will instantly identify every sign as belonging to your business.

The best way to ensure your ADA signage is both compliant and representative of your brand is to work with a signage company that understands how this is done. Our expert team can help.

Incorporating Your Brand Into ADA Signage

There are several ways to incorporate your brand’s image into your ADA signage. First, it’s important to be faithful to your brand’s colors and fonts across all your signage. Second, using similar materials as all other signs will draw a cohesive line from one sign to the next. In short, a consistent image is key when it comes to developing a cohesive brand strategy, improving the client experience, and making sure that your business is all-inclusive.

Do you need help incorporating your brand’s identity into your ADA signage? Contact Husky Creative for a free estimate.



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